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Stacey wrote in and asked if a guy she has been seeing will be someone she will be with soon. I assume she means in a committed relationship. Here is what came through.


Hi Stacey. I get a sense this guy has a lot of creative energy and likes change and movement. The wonderful thing is he sees you as someone to share that with. This could be a very rewarding relationship and friendship for some, depending on what they want. I do feel he will want to keep much of the relationship open ended and not commit right now. If you do not have the need to define this and can just enjoy the connection, I feel he begins to warm up to commitment at this fall. I wouldn’t focus or count on it now, as he is not feeling as if he is on the same page. It can be a good thing. It just depends on what your wants and needs are right now, blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic



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Help Nicole! Is my career going to continue to improve? I am not accustomed to things going this well and fear they will be stripped away.Tell me what to do. Eve



Hey Eve! The cards I pulled show me you are right on track! Let the worry go.
Your intuition at this time comes from that inner sense of understanding how the easy and thehard are creating a balance in your life. You intuitively sense the movement between the two accepting they both play a part here, and use that change creatively.
Make your main focus  to stay in the groove of this wonderful creative flow, as things are going very well. Accept and flow with the energies around you, following your natural creative urges.
Wow! every thing turns out exactly as you planned. Continue practicing not holding back out of fear! You have already succeeded, don’t stop now!

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