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Hi Sacred garden psychic.

I am dating a guy named Tony. he says he loves me, that is not the problem. The problem is he is hesitating to take our relationship to the next step. if he loves me why the hesitation? Cally

Hi Cally. I sense, from looking at both of your energies, that Tony is a little more confident about his love for you than you are with your love for him! He truly believes you two will be together, forever! This would be enough for many people. You can attempt to relax a bit and trust his love for you, or continue to push out of insecurity and in doing so, push him away..Do not lose this wonderful man! Try and trust that his love is real and not let past disapointments dictate to you, how you choose to manage this relationship! Sincerely, Sacred Garden Psychic

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Nicole! Thanks for writing back so soon. I sent my birthday of my boyfriend and I. What I need to know is Is he really over his EX and will he be moving near to me soon? Gaylen 3/8/89. Thank you, CiCi

Hi Cici. As I pull the cards, I sense, very strongly, and see in the cards that G is not emotionally ready to fully engage in a new relationship. I see a child involved under the age of 4. I also see his ex has quite a hold on him and knows how to pull his strings and manipulate. The good news is: As spring time approaches, he WILL make the choice to move closer to you and it has to do with his ex reuniting the guy she possibly had this child with! And.. him finially realizing, it is over and someone else can meet her needs. He experiences a sigh of relief. Let this play out on its own and he wil be in your arms, and all yours, before you know it , Nikki

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One of the paranormal investigations I have participated in. My job is to locate the spirits/entities,listen to their story and sometimes help them move on.

Vance Hotel Investigation (Mark's evidence)

Mark's camera and video evidence from The Vance Hotel investigation on February 20, 2015.While nothing in this video is overly compelling, it is nonetheless interesting and worth consideration...

Posted by Humboldt Area Paranormal Society on Monday, March 9, 2015

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