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This was a rare time that I gave a  mini reading in Face Book Chat. Free Mini readings in my chat room are much more in depth and even moreso are paid private readings with Nanci

From: N & T
Hi Nanci I usually don't do this but I really need help:( I got married Feb, 16th of this year when in washing dishes and stuff I pull my rings off somehow lost my wedding rings if you could plz plz plz plz help
7:39pm Nanci
Daughter? Is she about 3-5?
N & T
She's 3
Ok (here comes the flow of impresions)
she knew these were special to mom
and loves and admires you so..she wanted to covet them lol
she sensed the urgency and panicked I feel and put them in something little
with a cloth or something over it
a little box..drawer..purse..toy
something within her reach
may not be together not sure
if she could open something quickly like a closet door and throw them she may have
just see little square and dark lol
even a shoe. Somewhere she could quickly easily put them when she was nervous. Let her know or think it’s a game
..pretending she isn’t the main focus ..say to your husband..oh ! let play a fun game daddy!
I will close my eyes and you find the rings and I’ll give you a suprise
she won’t budge at first yet once she sees you laughing and making light if it her nervousness will ease
I feel she may lead you to them when she thinks you aren’t looking because she will want to be rewarded not have you disappointed in her
7:47pm N & T
Ok thank you soooo much:) I will
N & T 12:54am
Now I need your help my brother has been missing since Friday he hasn't been home to his wife and son... I'm really worried about him he was last seen at a gas station.. Can you help he told his wife he was be right there:(
J D march 27th 19++
Oh goodness I am so sorry for your fear! I am so tired I am not going be able to focus well at all yet I do feel he will be home yet let me look in the morning. My eyes are shutting
N & T 1:06am
Ok thank you so much
Nanci 1:10am
I couldn't hold back.(once I get impressions I have to let them flow)Somehow I feel he was overwhelmed and just took time away to think. I am not sensing danger or foul play at this time..I know that sounds odd. I feel he will be back. Has this happened before? Feels as if it has.(I see a pattern)
N & T 1:11am
It's ok you can wait till in the morning and he's been having some addiction problems..


I felt he was overwhelmed and was avoiding a stressful situation of sorts feeling as if he cannot meet the demands of life, family, something new in his life. I see he is just so groggy and kind of out of it, so perhaps he has not been sleeping well. I also feel he will show up and is feeling pretty down on himself. Please let me know if you hear from him. I was seeing a name or word like "Lauren" or Lorriane, Lorie? Perhaps a street name or person. I also see he went to a gas station to buy cigarettes late at night. Even if they were not for himself. I see a big star sign if that means anything..i think it was the gas station

The gas station seems to be near a highway because there is a lot of noise. So not a small inner city gas station..easily accessible from highway and big rigs...has that exhaust smell
and he is walking up to the gas station with a kind of swinging side to side gait. Head down a bit then looking around seems he feels guilty about his actions or just being away. I’m sorry he and all of you have to go thru this. Sending love

N & T
Thank u so much he did come home just like you said. And also I'm the one that ask about my wedding ring and u said my little girl would bring it to me in her own time that's what happened me and my husband was sitting watching a movie and she brought it up to us she hid it in a toy box just like you said... I want to schedule a reading with you when u have time I think ur a blessing

N & T 12:28pm
Thank you so much I'm going to recommend you to everybody I see all the way from Alabama:))





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