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There are FREE readings going on only IF you see them scheduled on free psychic chatfree psychic chatfree psychic chatfree psychic chatFREE Reading calendar otherwise it is just open chat

ALL readings are in PACIFIC time so check free psychic chatfree psychic chatworld clock to see when that is in your time

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free psychic chatWe want this to benefit everyone, so be patient, relax, hang out and if your name is not called we have free readings weekly so not to worry! Being desparate or begging does not speed up the process but convinces me you may be too young to consult with our readers! By using this chatroom it is assumed you have read the terms and conditions to keep us all safe! Thank you! You must 18 and over to receive a reading on psychicearth.com. The REAL readers will have a gold iconreal psychic next to their name Nanci, Dipali, Rebecca, and Diana

Free tarot ChatPlease Read The Safety Rules of this room before chatting


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