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nanci's feedback

thank you for taking the time

Note: Some people refer to nanci as "Ania". This is because she was known as Astronet Ania and Astro Ania, on AOL"S award winning "ASTRONET", and some still prefer to use the name "Ania" when referring to her.

Feedback August 31 podcast:

Hi nanci! thank you so much for answering my question. Your right i have sensed that i might be a healer to animals. And after listening to what you said im thinking about vet tech. and the school is los angeles pierce college. and yes they do have a clinic there :-) they have a Vet Tech program there. I feel great now. Im really considering this now after hearing you. I do have a brother who is 17 his name is r.his bday is nov.9. he has been going through a very tough time. about him traveling, well he is going to italy for 2 weeks so im not sure if thats what u mean. thank you so much nanci :-)



Hi Nanci,
Everything you were explaining to me made total sense. Down to the person who is in prison, how far away the police said he was shot from. Everything was right on. This has been such a sensitive subject for so long. but it was good to hear something. What you explained was what I had been feeling the whole time, but couldnt confirm anything.. You made me believe to follow my feelings. You have shined light on our family. Words cant explain. I wanted to hear he was with me and our family, and you gave me that. That was the BEST gift I had ever had.
We thank you so much for that. Blessing always to you.

You said he likes the picture on my dresser.. and I do have a picture of him and I, sitting on my dresser.

Dear Nanci
Thanks you so very much!
I have been waiting 4 years to just hear a little something. You have gave me hope and it makes me feel good to know he is with me and our family.
I will patiently wait for you to look more into this.
Blessings to you always


7-09 nanci really got to the core of things in my reading. she was on point with everything from the people that she was reading to the emotions that they were feeling. i really recommend her not only for her remarkable intuition, but because of her loving, caring personality. thanks for the insight

7-09 Nanci,
First I want to say thank you so much for your time and energy in doing my reading. The dates you gave me give me something to look forward to. It is worth the patience in waiting. You saw right into our situation and gave amazing insight on how to act once he contacts me. I will email with an update in a few weeks.
Thank you again for your generous spirit!

7-09 Hey Girrrrl! Would you guys believe I did leave my ring at a friends house with "light hair" and a red vehicle. (our men are in the service together)We went for a makeup party and I took my ring off and tried on other jewelry. As always your'e great! Nanci , thanks! Doreen

This is Kel, aka "kel" in the chat. You gave me a free reading in February in the chat room. I asked about my love life and you said something about meeting a person at a birthday party over the summer because you saw a pool that had cattail plants near it. Well, the last week in February I got invited to my friends birthday party. I had never been to her house before. We mostly stayed in this huge room that had a huge window... overlooking her pool that had cattail plants around it! Haha it was amazing so I figured I'd meet someone that night. And I actually met a couple of interesting guys.. and this past weekend I went to that persons house again... and we actually hung out around the pool and I met even more guys. So I just wanted to say thank you again and that you're amazing! I'm not in a relationship with any of them yet but it gave me validation that theres potential. Sincerely,
Kel (:

Nanci, I love your readings! If you are like me, you've forgotten (or let go of) everything you said, but it's happening. Met a guy who fits the description you gave me (he came to my house for the solstice party!) -- the propety stuff, and etc.
You rock!

3-08Hello Nanci, It's H =)I just wanted to email and say thank you for the mini reading tonight.
You are wonderful, It all made sense and I will try to take your advice on board, I feel you are completely right about this year hopefully it will be a great healing and clearing process.I get such amasing vibes from you, So caring and loving.
There is'nt many people like you these days, Unfortunetly.

Anyway, Thank you (Hugs)

Take care of yourself,
Namaste =)


4-06-08I just want to let you know, How much we appreciated your readings last night, They set our mind at rest, Especially about Gerard, Ever since, I have felt his presence so much, Our door opened and closed by itself last night and my radio switched itself on this morning!I have had such a good day today, Which is a relief from the past few months.Thank you so much Nanci, You are wonderful and have a beautiful gift. We honestly can't tell you how grateful we are, And we will come back to you for our readings from now on.Best wishes,

3-08 Nanci,
Just wanted to say thank you so very much for your lover and I are reuniting. You gave me the insight to be able to approach her in the right way to talk to her. thanks so very very much. May God always bless you to continue the good work you do for others.
Diann B

Hi Nanci,I wanted to thank you for the accurate "free" reading you gave me on 2/2/08 and let you know I am so happy that our paths have crossed. You were able to touch on even the most minor details of the job interview I was about to receive as well as the environment of the employer. I would definitely recommend you to anyone and am looking into puchasing a more in depth reading from you. Thanks! Jill

1-08 nanci, i just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave in the chatroom the other dayi feel so much better now
like, a million times better than i've felt in a while
thanks so much

9-07 Hiya Nanci--

I just wanted to touch base with you really fast because K and I went to go take a peek at the building we were interested in for our business again today. I know you had said you had seen a C and a P----I cannot remember what other letters you saw during the reading. In any case, the name of the bodyshop that was in the building prior was C/Y Bodyshop and Suppliers and riiiight on the front door was another decal of sorts with the letters PGP. Very interesting!! So you were definitely RIGHT on in regards to the location aspect!

I will definitely keep you in the loop going forward as we progress thru this exciting time! Have a GREAT weekend!

ALl My Love

best psychic Steve: All that I can say is WOW Thank you

best psychic lula63:nanci is excellent. nanci

best psychic Leigh: This was such an amazing reading! She was so accurate. Saw the dog, and the car, and the accident, everything, before I said anything! She is amazing! Would give her 100 stars if I could. Love and Light to you!

best psychic Amy: I heard my grandfather! only i knew the nickname he called me..hes still i know!! bless you

best psychic {{{{{{{{{{Nanci}}}}}}}}}}},

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

I wanted to share that I am so happy that our paths have crossed. When we talk where is a reading or just sharing I feel my internal light getting bigger and big and brighter. I walk away for our chats with a lightness and a feeling of everything is possible. Thank you for your willingness to share your love of life with everyone. Your unconditional positive regard for everyone reminds me how I want to show up in life.

Happy Easter to you and your love ones.
Much Love

Hay! I never seem to be able to catch those reading days! I just was looking over an old reading you gave me and you said you see me moving near old cemetaries. I did some research and I found that there is an abandonded cemetary up the block from me in the trees/forrest. just wanted to give you the validation. You also said there was water near by I was picturing a lake but there is like a water run off thing i don't know what its called!

Hey Nanci this is Lanta. Its been about 5 months since the last time I talked to you but I just wanted to let you know that you gave me one of your readings and i was concerned about this one guy we weren't even dating at the time I just wanted to know if he "liked me" well anyway after talking to you, you gave me confidence in myself and that I might have a chance. Well I did have a chance. I married the guy and we're expecting a baby in a couple of months. Just wanted to say thank you for all you did and all your wonderful words. You were right to the bone with everything you said in my reading. Again thank you so much your truly the only one id come to for any readings, because in my reading you were 100% correct! Thank you Nanci! Always will be thankful to you =)-Lanta






I knew you from back in the day when you were pretty shy or insecure to share your visions with others very often. We often reflect on the day you wrote us that letter about hearing our deceased mum's name and the journal she left for us with our uncle David. You kept aplogizing but said you "just had to tell us".We will never forget the girl from America who touched our lives with her gifts and did that so lovingly accurately and truthfully. I am glad we found you again. Sally S.

best psychic Hi Nanci,
How are you? Are you feeling better? It's me Kelly. You did a reading for me last month. You said"that I would meet 2 native American men. One would be Steve and would would be just good friends. I haven't met him yet. The other would be Allen. On,Valentine's Day of all days,I met a 46 year old Native American male named Dale. I am quickly falling for him. Nanci he has a younger brother named Allen. He's so sweet and I feel like this relationship is going to go places. I'm so thankful for your readings and the wonderful things that you do for people. You are so sweet to share your gifts with everyone. My Grandmother said",I was born with a vail and was gifted with clairvoyance but,it doesn't always work for me. Please pray for Dale & I. I need a strong,loving man to share the rest of my life with. Please pray for me to lose weight and be healed of the joint pain that I'm suffering from. Thank You so much for everything! I love You!
Love & Blessings,

best psychic I read your feedback page and it was really sweet i also wanted to say something. so if you want you can add it in there or not either way doesn't matter just wanted to let you know this much

what i wanted to actually say was.. well it's for you(nanci) and Diana. I just really wanted to express from the heart. I've had the pleasure of talking to you and Diana both. They are the MOST amazing ladies in the whole entire world. I love your spirits. You both are so wonderful. Talking to you two is like talking to my twin if I had one. You just know how we feel, You both show so much compassion, and the work you do is so accurate that it blows my mind away. You and Dian are truly gifts from god, there are no words that i myself could come up with, that would even barely come close to describing the kind of humans you two are. I really REALLY do appreciate for everything you two do, and continue to do. You might not hear it often enough but you've changed a lot of peoples lives, including mine, the way i view life. Just wanted you (Nanci) and Diana to know that no matter what, or if you don't hear it enoguh just remember you really do mean alot to a LOT of people. And I especially appreciate for all the hard work, bright light and wisdom you share with others. Thank you so much. I am so thankful, and many others as well id imagine, that we've came across your paths. Thanks for all you do and continue to do! Your work is most def. not taken for granted and it's GREATLY appreciated!
much love

best psychic Nanci, I came to your free chat readings last time and I cried. It was good tears though as You said I had two baby angel spirits side by side right with me. I did'nt tell you or anyone that I just lost twins and I left the reading feeling happier and a weight lifted of my shoulders. You have a amazing true gift and I am glad I found you! Rebecca G.

best psychic Ania, I cut and paste the part of our reading about H. and his grandfather being with him during his car accident. I sent it to his screen name he read it and cried. He said I knew someone was with me i could feel their presence and i wasnt scared at all thats why he didnt make a big deal of the accident. He was protected but he didnt know it was his grandfather. And then he looked down at the wedding band on his finger and cried.Then he looked at his knee and he said i know exactly which scar will remind me of this accident.I think this was a very important reading for him......thank you.
There is one (scar)on the top of his knee cap and then two little ones below. Its the bigger one. lol .. he actually lifted his pants leg while he was reading your reading pointing to it and saying this is the one i'm sure. Its amazing that both of my kids are very attach to their grandfather even though they never met him...they dont say "your father" they say grandpa....funny.With all my talking, with all my mothers talking about the totalling the car. I think this reading did the trick for him and that is a true blessing. I cant thank you enough because with out your words it wouldnt of reached his heart. S.

9-26-05 Nanci says: I had just finished a reading where I saw a girl who was taking chemistry and I saw the name or word Neela. This young man wrote back 20 mins later and told me this:

best psychic Nanci,
Something you said made me freak out a little. I just started communicating
with a girl named Anila. She is working on her phd in chemistry. I never
even thought of it. What I will do is attach a photo. She just sent me a
message today. I just found out what her name is right now.
You might have hit this one just perfectly. I do have an email contactthrough the website. If she is the girl that you see, I must try to ask
her to meet up.

best psychic 9-05Hi Nanci...I was just emailing you to tell you that he did contact me. He called last Sat. I was great just to talk to him. But I really didnt get or hear what i wanted to, but thats ok for now. He told me he is seeing somelse which hurt. Yet it was understandable. So right now we are taking things slow trying to be friends... see were things take us. Thank you so much for talking to me the other night. I also wanted to you that I sang your praises so much that my brother is interesting in getting a reading from you. Thanks Again! Lori

best psychicThanks again for you e'mail.Now to tell you something about myself,firstly i am a psychic and have been for forty years or so but doing it profesionaly(sorry about spellings) for twenty.As you know we cannot read for ourselves and no other psychic could read for me untill you.You are trully blest with a gift and i am being tild that you have strugled with this gift in the past.Love of the spirit be with you and may your life find that what it seeks.Love RAY (edited for length)

best psychicNanci,
I went through the site after we talked. Gees! I broke all kinds of rules. LOL!
I am new and didn't entirely understand how the website worked. I thank you from the bottom of my soul for what you did for me. God placed you in my life tonight. I was meant to talk to you. I am at peace now and I hope I didn't do any damage by calling that cell phone too many times. I love B. If it's meant to be, it will happen. I am going to follow your advise.
Again your gracious time spent with me made me feel very special. So spot on too!!!!
I can't wait to get a paid reading from you.I will make an appointment. Blessings and love to you,
R. 8/21/05

best psychic Hi Nanci,
Just had to let u know that once again u was right!!! u said I would see or talk to Ray on the 8th, 9th, and 10th.......well he called me on the 8th and we spent the 9th and 10th together!!!
He actually was going to take me out to dinner on Saturday night, but the restaurant we like to go to was booked up till 9 i opted to make dinner for him so when he got here it would be ready........he was thrilled with that!!! He even commented that he was glad we stayed in and ate........He was very loving and so sweet.....we had an awesome time together.....but if i know him .....he will pull back again hope he dont but I kinda know his you so much for your insite and kindness......luv ya ...........Debbie

best psychic Dear Nanci, I read the comments that were left for you about the readings you give and was convinced to order a private reading with you and I am so glad I did. You are a gift, nanci, truely a gift! Shannon E.

best psychic Pathways: Nanci is OUTSTANDING! Contact this lady for an honest accurate and compassionate reading!

best psychic How did you do it? I suppose it doesn't matter. When I asked you about my job and you said "wait" I hear a Mike coming through", I almost fell off of my chair!! You told me things he said, the nickname I had for him..that he was encouraging me to move near the water to a little white stucko house (thats my familys house) and so many other things I am still in shock and stunned! I miss him so much and the fact he came through to you just so easy without me even telling you was AMAZING! GOD BLESS you for helping me know he is still here with me as my guardian angel/ many other things you told me without me saying a word it just flows out. You said he was encouraging me to find "peace and balance" and I just said this exact thing today to myself before I was led to you..amazing. TY M.B.E.

best psychic Hi Nanci,
I just had to tell u.....Ray called me tonite (tues) and wants to go out to dinner tomorrow nite.....u said he would call in 6 days and he did!!!!! and he even sounds like he would like to stay the night......I sure hope hes not going to tell me i should move sounded quite a bit happier......I had him laughing am so are so awesome!!!!! I cant wait to talk to you again after hes been here!!!!!! Thank you again for giving me hope.......luv ya!!! Debbie 6/8/05

best psychicNanci, I cannot stop crying.  Because I have been struggling to do EXACTLY what you have recommended. There is so much you zeroed in on that is overwhelming, because there are things I did not tell you but you picked up on. What you have sent me is truly a treasure. 
I have never had a reading such as yours.  I have never had one which spoke so much to the heart and soul of things.  I can't tell you how this has affected me.  It is positive for sure. 
From all my heart I bless you. A

best psychic nanci immedidately picked right up on my situation ~ the insight she provided was right on the mark ~ through the swirling mist of my clouded issues, she helped me get a grasp at the very heart of the matter. I recommended her VERY highly. Thanks nanci:) 

best psychic Nanci,I just wanted to thank you for bringing light to an otherwise unhappy passing of my mother. She left so many unanswered questions and I never really knew her the way I wanted to. You helped me get in touch with her and I am so greatful for the experience. She ment the world to me and her passing was such a shock to my system. I never really got the chance to bond with her and I felt that yesterday we made a connection.You let a broken chain be braided once again. Peace be with you always

best psychicWhen Nanci gave us our reading it was as if we had known her for years...she was so accurate and yet so real! She truly is a gift from God. She uplifted our spirits in so many ways and gave us so much hope and determination. We are forever grateful for her special gift...she is a wonderful person. Nanci has to be the kindness person I every met. she is the BEST

best psychicMy free reading: Dear Nanci, you amazed me when i was asking about the spirits i saw in my old house. ( i used to hear crying and thought it was a child but didnt even tell her)You said there was a child about 10 who had been abused and you gave me his name.

(joshua i hope its ok to say that)You also told me a book my dad had read to me when i was little but since i was 10 mos when he died i couldnt remember...well..i checked the history of that location of the wierd house, last night and omg..There was a 10 year old who passed away in that house and you even got his name! This was helpful because now my family KNOWS im not crazy! And I know too!! aunt told me my dad did read that book to me and she saved it for me! are the approach things so they arent sacrey..just natural and you give alot of love and i feel so much better! ty! ohh and you saw i had miscarried that I know I can release the sadness I am a happy person. I WILL come back!!

best psychicTonight i talked with (nanci) and she was completely right on the nail. She has helped me to understand that I have a gift and i need to be more accepting of it. She has also helped me understand that my dad and my children are here with me. I now know what to put on the tombstone of my child. Thanks to her i now feel ok with my life instead of fearing it.
Thank you again (nanci)for all you have helped me with. You gave me a feeling that i havent had i a very long time!!!

best psychickittens-free: I just love you Ania(nanci)!!!! Thank you so much for the best reading! You got intuned with me so quickly! The information you gave me was outstanding! I will call on you again and again...I enjoyed our time together..I feel at peace knowing that things are working the way they should be and that with patience and love I will get what I have been praying for..God Bless you and those you love...thank you again..your awesome!

best psychic amelia: 5 stars (nanci)

best psychic amelia: she's the greatest psychic, she has a very warm heart and you'll feel comfortable with her... well i do. and she's so accurate... love ya nanci

best psychic Ajegewa: ive found my psychic thanks ania!(nanci)

best psychic tigerspirit60: Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Warm and loving person. I recommend ania(nanci) to anyone!

best psychic blueangel: i love nanci..she is so connected and so warm friendly and nice I highly recomend her

best psychic karen2505: Hope what u said will come true soon...

best psychic rcstalling: nanci excellent

best psychic Nanci Hi. I am telling you the energy that has come into my life as I practice and use reiki is making me feel alive and awake again finially in my life. This is priceless and it is helping my family too and my animals!!! Bless you for making this something within my reach, Doreen Stable

best psychic 1/04Nanci I sent this to my Dad as I was on the phone with him and he started crying. The bench you saw was the picnic tables in there back yard were they would always sit together. My Mom loved the spring time and this all made my Dad feel so good.
I really miss my Mom for she was my best friend too. You touched our hearts so deeply I cant even explain in words. I have talked to everyone in my family about you and the things you saw. Everything was on my mind all night, I had about 3 hours of sleep.

Thank You again for you are truly a gifted person not just for your special abilities but for who you areBless You

best psychic Nanci

I want to tell you that your reading was the best thing that could have happened to us for it brought us hope when we were loosing it fast. You are truly the best and I have to find a way to thank you whether its sending you flowers or something.

I hope you will always be a part of our lives for its a friend like you we would not want to ever give up.

I have to go back to the guest book and I want to tell everyone how GREAT you are.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart Nanci

Your Friend

best psychic Nanci

I have every on in my family asking how they can also talk to you. Should I send them to you site. I do not useally get this emoitonal but when you touch on my mom it just all came out of me. My sister was crying because she never heard me talk the way i had to her about you I know you are so busy and if you would rather I not send them to you just let me know

Thank you for once again you made my day


best psychic Thank you, Nanci!
I never thought I would become a reiki master. it has changed my relationship for the better with every single person i am in contact with. Old hurts are being healed and I know now I can finish what I have started. Your accuracy with your readings is astounding and I like that you don't use anything exept youre guides and crystals. I wouldnt mind if you did
i will return again and again. The services REALLY ARE FREE which is unusual!

best psychicNanci,

Thank you for all the advice that you gave...Hope that you stay what you are. coz youre so kind. thank you for all the advice about the stones...and chakras

angelsI have not found another site that is as warm, caring, soothing and so full of information as this site truley feel welcomed when you are here! Please stay here forver! lol

angels Nanci has been reading for me for a while now and I will follow her where ever she goes to do readings. She is wonderful

angels Ania/Nanci, I am estatic to see a site of your own. You have always been there for me thru thick and thin and many others as well. Your a truely awesome person with a fantastic gift and I wish you and your sister the best of luck in this venture. If I can be of any assistance to either of you I will sure give it my best. Many blessings and very bright light!!!!!! Love you a bunch girl!

angels Nancy
Thank you for everthing for everything U have done for me and talking to me when i needed it....

angels Hey man..what the heck?? (nanci) I did NOT believe in psychics but you were right about me meeting a girl named "chris" . her name is christine & we have been going out for 5 weeks. we did meet by a water fountain like you said. It was downtown near my office , well where i work in a office. MY mom is into psychics and she is so interested in meeting you because everything you said was exactly true and she wants to talk to my step dad who was shot and killed last year when he was hunting. From reading the posts i see you do that. Thanks nanci Lucas Showhan oh ya i do have a tatooed ring on my finger you wrote me about it and i forgot to write back. d *** lady Ure good and the price was cheap

(nanci: wow i was called a man and a lady all in the same paragraph lol and cheap hehe..thats a first :)

angels Nanci, I was there when you asked her if she wanted a reading. When she said "yes" you began telling her things after she had only stated her name with birthday. I am shocked because you said you heard the names raymond and RayRay and felt one of them was someone who had already gone to the other side and one felt younger & under 30.I think you called it "crossed over" Emmediately she said husband who pased away is Raymond and I am worried about my son RayRay because of his illness..i know this lady and i know this was not a setup! I cant tell you how much this meant to her that her husband could see rayray and is with them. how you helped her because she looks so at ease now. Nanci, thanks from the bottom of my heart and we will both be coming back.You said all the readers here are wonderful and I look forward to meeting them all! Andrea H.

angels 11-03-03
nanci...i just had to write you a quick note...your sense of timing as far as when M. my show was not off..5 weeks a go u told me it would be 5 days or five weeks..but you just kept hearing the number 5.....Well he is on his way and it was kinda of a spontaneous way that we got to this point..just as u had predicted...I wanted to let you know so u felt better about should be interesting..i can bearly breathe...

angels nanci..I know you wont remember any of this from our reading (yes i do lol) but you were asking about a "Sandy" "Sandra"...associated with the /selling of the house....well the house has been on the market and I had 3 Open Houses I just met a "Sandy" at this Open House she is part of the realestate team....2 couples seemed very interested, guess i will hear this week one way or another..but just wanted you to know a Sandy finally showed up.

angels Hi Nancy . Thank you for your words of Inspiration.. I will be blessed when brad and I become together again. we shared a wonderful summer this is true,..he showed me all of the beauty of life... and I hope he has falling in love with me ....looking forward to his return..... Thank you again . best wishes to you as well. Teri

angels Diana and Nanci are sisters...and it shows...they are both very kind and warm. I sent this to nanci. Dipali is a kind reader. i am from UK and these ladies are not like many of the psychics i have experinced. They give and give. If you do pay it is well worth it. Thanks P E readers! Laurel

angels What can I say except I love all of these ladies. This place is small and I think it is kept that way to have apersonal feeling and make sure the readers are quality. it is my favorite rest stop..and i don't mean any disrespect..i come here to relax and feel at peace. thank you Gerri

angels OMG! saw my friend that crossed over and her dads name who i know is with her, before i even mentioned that i had a friend that crossed over...i am so touched to know cammy is with me!! I do not know how you knew I was going to ask about her! You started talking before i said anything!!

angels OK..John Edwards has to meet you!! You say you are too shy to ever be in the public eye but god you are outstanding!! TY TY TY Forver untrusted, Emily

angels Dear Ania:(nanci) I want you to know just how very special you and Dipali are to me....I really appreciate the time and care that you have taken for me and my life....I hope that we will always be very close and I feel that we will. You have watched me grow over the last couple of years and seen the changes , I have gained knowledge and insight from you and Dipali and for this i am very grateful for.....there are special ones here all is special i realize but then there are the choosen few.......and you know what i are both gifted with a very special gift that speaks for itself.....and you are bringing me along......I can honestly say that I have never had such an intense emotion as I have for you and Dipali and that is awesome, its so pure and crystle clear it brings tears of happiness to my I realize what a very loving and good person that I am and have been all this time.........I love you both and I toooo feel honored your in my life.................Bright Blessings and love to the both of youuuuuu............A.P.

angels I have seen all of these readers in action, and being a professional with high standards I demand professionalism and you will find it here. Diana has good timing, Nanci saw the names of two managers and one employee, without me saying a word! Point blank: im impressed. I have dropped in at the free mini readings and Dipali is impressive and Diana is so upbeat and knowledgeable. I highly recommend these ladies and I WILL be back, often and expect this site to become popular, indeed.

paranormal (nanci) i just wanna thank u SSSSOOOOOO much for helping me :o) i just told my ex he has one week to choose and i might tell him im not interested anymore im still confused but u helped me a lot to shed light on this situation thank u so much for helping me miss nanci i really appriciate it love ya!blessed be love ur friend

ghosts goodfaery: She did really hit on alot of things in my life and gave me such clarification on a love situation....i finally have hope because of her....thanks Ania! (nanci)

angels TOL: Everything nanci told me last year has come TRUE..she is amazing! Caring and the top Psychic for me! Thank you nanci!

mediphysical readings Pathways: Nanci is OUTSTANDING! Contact this lady for an honest accurate and compassionate reading!

pet psychic lula63: She is excellent.

free tarot chat M115: Thanks for your insight,(nanci) not what I wanted to hear but honest and very on target...thank you for the kick in the pants so that I may move on. 

free psychic chat April: As always you were great!! Thank you for helping me first and foremost! I know that you are right and I am willing to wait. I just hope that I can get through this without giving up. But since I have talked to you. I don't want to give up anymore.!! If anyone wants honest answers and somebody to trust she is the person to call!! Thank you Ania!!(nanci) love, April 

free readings Rumer2: Always a true pleasure to talk to you. I appreciate your sweet yet very straight forward way of saying what is really going on. Thanks(nanci) , I let you know what happens in 8 to 10 weeks with the situation

free chat Shimmers: Thank you(nanci) for letting me know that my feelings were on target. I hope in the next month or so I can report some delightful progress! 

school elewa:(nanci) Is very accurate and helpful. Very specific information was given

chessMy reading with nanci was very empowering. She comes from a spiritual place and shares her gift very generously. I feel uplifted and more whole and centered after my reading. I look forward to the next seven months. Thank you, nanci. 

tarot L.w. Thanks you(nanci) as always xo You are most wonderful 

astro Leigh:(nanci) She is so insightful! She has so much to give, and she tunes REALLY well!

writing Leigh: (nanci)Absolutely OUTSTANDING! She is always so accurate and in tune with the situation.

horoscopes Leigh: Fabulous and outstanding! She is so accurate, even described him! WOW! I have total faith that everything that she said is going to happen will!

love AnneDel Negri: Her reading was accurate and I feel alot better with her clarification.

love readings Quinn: Ania(nanci)seems to know what is going on in my life.

hello JamesMyers:  thanks(nanci)

free smurf: gave answers i needed. (nanci)

psychic smurf: i don't know what "exceptional readingmsg" means but it showed up on my screen. ania(nanci) was excellent.



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