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A Beginners Guide to Psychic Protection Techniques by John Culbertson

We live in a world of energy. There's not a single one of us that can say we've never energetically attacked another person or that we've never been energetically attacked by another person. Those of us that work, or heaven forbid "dabble", in the new age field will at rare times be up against more than just human attacks. This is the reason everyone needs a basic understanding of psychic protection techniques.

In this article we will be discussing five basic methods of protection that can be layered, or used one after another, to boost your defenses.

This article, however, will not be discussing the mechanics of psychic/energy attacks. In other words, we aren't going to get into the why and how they happen. We'll save that for a future article.

White Light

The most basic of all protections is white light energy. It is connected to the image of divinity, whatever divinity is for you. It may be God, the goddess, Buddha, The Universal Consciousness, The Great Architect of the World, Cosmic Consciousness, your Higher Self, etc. Whatever your concept of the higher power may be, white light is often times associated and connected to it.

When we surround ourselves in white light we are symbolically saying that we are protected by the highest power there is. We are shielding ourselves from negativity by raising our own vibration and vibrating at the speed of light.

There are many ways to perform this protection. The easiest is to imagine yourself standing in the center of a light bulb that is turned off. When you see or feel yourself standing there, mentally feel/see that light bulb being turned on and imagine and feel the pure bright light that is all around you.
You might also close your eyes and imagine rain/the shower falling down all around you. Mentally turn those water droplets into a cascading bright light and let yourself be totally drenched in it.

Whatever method you use, make sure you have the light soaring within your body as well as outside and around it. Remember, you are wanting to become one with the light.

Worry Balloon
This gets credited to the Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing. One of my favorite techniques from their program involves a deflated balloon.
Visualize a deflated balloon above your head. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale visualize/feel all your fears/worries/concerns/anxieties going into that balloon. Each time you do this, note the balloon begins to inflate. Eventually, you'll be free of all those tensions and the balloon will be totally inflated. At that point take one more deep breath in. On the exhale visualize/feel the balloon floating away and out of the universe taking with it all the worries/problems that you had put into it.
This is a great exercise to do before bed if you have trouble sleeping at night. It also does wonders if used prior to going into any negative/stressful situation. Additionally, it can be used to help lessen or even totally release fears.

Blue Shield
Blue is the color we associate with the throat chakra. The throat chakra is noted as being the seat of the will. As such, blue is a highly protective color because when we use blue we are literally willing negativity to stay away from us.
The shield is symbolic of blocking incoming attacks. Warriors in ancient times used shields to defend themselves from both up close attacks and incoming airborne attacks.
Imagine/visualize a blue shields all around you before going into any crowded area or prior to any confrontation you think you may be having. It'll help to deflect bad moods/negativity and will make it easier for you to deal (or totally avoid) people who aren't going to be nice.

Prayer and Positive Affirmations
Both prayer and positive affirmations can be used to strengthen any protections you already are using. Both of these help to raise your vibration and puts you into harmony with the positive forces of the universe.

Sample Affirmations for Protection include:

I am totally protected from all ill will and harm.
I am blessed and protected on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.
Only positive things are allowed around me.
I feel joy and love in everything I do.

Why the last one? Joy and love are the keys to maintaining a healthy and high vibrational field. When we can turn our attitudes toward complete joy and love we will, over time, eventually discover that we only attract those joy and loving people and situations into our lives. Any negative ones that do occur simply aren't able to handle this type of energy for long and extended periods of time and thus will remove themselves from your presence.

Archangel Michael Invocation
Finally, the last thing we are going to talk about in our basics of protection article is angels and guides. Please, brace yourselves, you are going to get the short cliff notes version here as those are, once again, a topic for another article.
We all have the ability to "summon" angels and spiritual beings to aid and assist us. We call this "summoning" an invocation.
To perform an invocation you can either be very ritualistic and look for a bunch of herbs and other supplies that various magic books will claim you need OR you can have total faith that the being you are asking for assistance will be there when you call on them.
To enlist angels to help it's simply a matter of asking.
Angels, according to most sources, are bound by an angelic law which dictates that they can't interfere in a humans life unless one of two conditions are met.
A) That person is in mortal danger and it's not yet their time to depart from this world.


B) A person, in sincere concern, has mentally or verbally asked for their help.
Of all the angels, Archangel Michael is the one most often associated with protection. He is considered the angel of war and protection and is most noted, mythologically speaking, for casting Satan from heaven during the heavenly wars.

Calling upon this loving yet very protective angel can be done in a couple of ways.
The most basic is simply saying "Archangel Michael, I give you permission to be here with me."
There is also a Catholic Prayer dedicated to this angel which you may say which will also enlist his help.

"Michael the Archangel, please defend me in my day of battle. Be my safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. Rebuke him, I humbly pray. May the price of the heavenly hosts cast into hell Satan and all evil beings seeking to ruin the souls of man."

Whatever the case, know that when you invoke or call this particular angel it's not uncommon to feel an air pressure change and/or a great deal of warmth and heat when he is around.
Now that you have some of the basics down it would be a good idea for you to practice these and make a careful note on what happens when you use different techniques.
The more often you use them the more skillful and stronger you'll become with them and the more benefit you'll receive from them.

John Culbertson is a psychic channel and psychic coach. He is also a Reiki "Master." You can read more about him at his website Mystic John Culbertson.

This Mason and Rosicrucian has recently authored a book on psychic protection and feels it is a much overlooked part of the new age field.

He owns the new age store Starchild: Your Sanctuary for Inner Wisdom. Visit Starchild at

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