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8-11-08 Praise the lord! A nice warm place to sleep


Praise the lord! A nice warm place to sleep

On one of my sister and I Diannes road trips, I can recall lots of little medicals that taught me at a young age about the power of manifestation. We had driven a "drive-a-way-car" from Detroit to Oregon and after dropping the car off to its owners and we were paid for delivering it we backpacked on to California. A couple of the simple things that happened were my sister, Dianne, after I said I needed some shorts and a cool top for the 110 degrees we were experiencing..told me to just ask for it..and it would come. I wanted to believe her, yet, felt kind of silly asking out loud. Those kinds of things embarrass me or I feel shy about stating what I need or feel I need. She said "just do it are close to spirit it will listen!" (it went something like that)

So..I said it outloud..(I was, actually, very uncomfortable dragging my heavy suitcase. Why didn't I use a backpack was inexperience I guess ."spirit, please if you can..I could use some shorts and a top and a backpack". About an hour and a half passed and we were going to walk up a hill to find a place to sleep at a campground when I saw a blue and white striped something laying in the road. I stopped for a minute..I said to my sister.."look..what is that?" She said something jokingly (or maybe not) "I'll bet that's what you asked spirit for". I kind of smiled and set my suitcase down ( I was backpacking with a suitcase!) and walked over..It was a backpack! I looked around and there was no one on this road in front or behind us. I looked at Dianne and she just looked at me like " it"

It was a backpack with a pair of jean shorts and a AC DC tee shirt..beautiful, new and clean that both fit! I found a restroom and changed..stuffed what I could into it..and left my suitcase and some other belongings for the next person who might need or ask for them!

The one experience, though, that really made a huge impression on me was the day before, when we still had not dropped off the car yet to its owners. It was a litte 280zx.. Ok so we were driving and it was about midnight and we were tired. We had a few dollars we got from a sheriff who almost arrested us the day before for trespassing on property that was said to be haunted..but thats another story too. it's neat how all these memories are flooding in..I wish my hands could keep up with my thoughts. So Dianne is Driving and we were whining about how tired we were and had no money for a motel..what should we do? Dianne suggested something like this " Ok Nancy..I about you tell me where to drive..use your abilities..follow your feelings..I totally trust you!" I shyly and insecurely said something like " Nooo..thats silly..I can't do that..I don't want to waste the gas driving all around." Dianne said something like "come on Nancy! I'm know you can do it..just do it..tell me where to drive!"
If it was not for Dianne I think I never would have learned to trust my feelings like this..I just love her. So I said "Ok..umm..go straight..keep going straight." So she did.

I looked at the gas gauge and we had about 1/4 a tank. I wanted to trust my feelings without letting worry get in the way about the gas running out..soon we approached another exit and something told me to "go there" so I said it out loud "Go there"

So she went there. When we got to the top of the totally dark pitch dark exit I said "turn left" I flicked on this tiny light inside the car but I learned it made it harder to see outside.

There was nothing visible there. I could see in her eyes a kind of "are you sure?" But she trusted me so she did it. I think we made one more right and we were on this dark street about a block long..with dark store markings on most of the was like..another ghost town.

There was one building when I squinted it looked as if paintings were on the was felt good so I said, intuitively "THERE"

She said "THERE?"

I said "YES"

We kind of giggled, maybe from nervousness or being over tired or just the fun of trying this out..we walked up and we KNOCKED! WE knocked on a dark door on a dark street in a town I don't remember..but she(Dianne) believed in me so I believed in myself so we knocked. Suddenly the light came on above the heart pounded..this was crazy oh my gosh! A lady peeked out the door..we said something like.."were traveling and have no place to sleep and we felt spirit led us sorry..but..."

And she said "PRAISE THE LORD"

It was a Christian half way house or temp shelter for homeless! There was no sign or indication of this on the building yet we followed our hearts. We were welcomed in..she read things from the bible. And we got to sleep in a bunkbed in a room with a girl who was afraid of the dark so the lights were left on all night..but it was a bed..and Jesus helped us and it was warm was a merical, I think. What about you?

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