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continued: California/The Ghost at the Brass Rail Inn

We woke up the next morning to a nice suprise; My friends little white dog had delivered her puppies inside of a fallen redwood tree..we could not see the puppies yet could hear them. It would be a few weeks before they wandered out into the open to explore their new world. I began my mile walk to work in such a happy state of being. New life and new beginnings were on my mind.
When I arrived at work to waitress , that morning, i greeted all of the other laides in the kitchen and we began our daily routine and preparing for a busy lunch hour. About 2 and a half hours into my shift, I had totally forgotten about the "vision" I had the day before, and about my visitor and his message to me. Usually, i had spirits or angel type beings offer me these insights so I thought it was a little different that I felt that message come form what Id'e call a ghost or spirit! It made me question the validity, a bit, so I just kept the message in mind and figured if spirit ended up leading me or encouraging me to walk up to a certain couple..then I would.
Another waitress, was going in break and had asked me to take her tables while she had a quick 15 minute break. We were not busy at all that day, so

I agreed and told her i would still give her the tip.
I left the kitchen to walk out into the dining/ bar area and noticed a couple sat in the small table near the window. I went back to get them water and menus and when I returned they were leaning in towards eachother and holding hands while they talked. I thought..ok..maybe this is the couple..yet I will wait for more guidance or see how things feel in a few more miunutes. I wanted to be really sure this might be the couple I had heard about the day before. After was a taking a chance approaching customers saying such things and what if they told my boss i was crazy ..all kinds of thoughts went thru my head, yet, all in all, any time I felt spirit was directing or encouraging me to offer insight or words of comfort..I ended up nto being able to ignore it and letting spirit move thru me while trusting the outcome woudl be worth it all! Sometimes, when these things began unfolding, I wished I could be more like others and just go about my day without these nudges that constantly challenged my safe illusion/reality.

I walked up to the table and the couple contunied to hold hands as they looked up at me as I approached. It looked as if they were holding onto each others hands for dear life. I sensed the trauma/worry/emotions surrounding them. I can drag this on and explain how I waited until they ordered desert and all of the other little things i noticed and felt, yet, I wont. Finially, when the other waitress delayed coming back from her break by taking a phone call from her husband..I realized I would be seeing this couple until the end of their visit and I felt spirit was encouraging me to say something to them. As i write this..I realize hwo strange all this seems and wonder how many people will judge me or think i am odd, yet, oh well! I am who I am and true to myself, at least! I decided to just break the ice a bit and say something from my heart. I walked up and said.." you can see how much you two love eachother, that is always so nice to see..I just thought i would share reminds me of the love my parents have for eachother" and I smiled and aksed them if theyd'e like more coffee.

The woman said something like "It is nice to hear a young person noticing that..I wish my daughter would" as she looked at the man she was with and then put her head down. It was just at that moment I really knew this was the couple I had heard about the day before. I just smiled and my adrenaline began pumping..I guess some people would call it fear, yet, I think it is more adrenalin OR excitment because you know you are geting close to doing something that was a litle risky or uncomfortable..tyet that was a challenge for me ..i liked challenge..especially when it came to challenging my own relationship with spirit..or strengthening it! Maybe honoring it is the word.
When i walked up to the table a few minutes later I took a deep breath and said something like.."you meantioned a daughter? well..I am sorry for just coming out and saying this in this way, yet, I pray alot, and,. last night, after praying about somethign I had experienced, I felt I would meet a couple who was experiencing turmoil or pain regarding a decision they had to make surrounding their daughter..I felt I was being led to encourage them that..they were doing the right thing..they had chosen unconditional love ..and their daughter would make it through this..another 4 months and the family would be in tact. They looked at me wide eyed and I did not know whether to expect them to say "how dare you" or "who are you to say this to us?"...

Well thank you spirit..I say becauset hey both took turns explaining that their daughter had ran away, gotten into drugs..and dissapeared for some time, yet, they located her and since this was the third time it had happend the had decided to put her in a special treatment program down south..because they feared she would only spiral downward if they hadn't. It just made them feel good to hear that spirit had felt their need to know if what they did was "right" or "ok". Abotu 6 mos later..they left me a note thanking me for offering them , or allowing spirt to offer them a little hope during their time of pain..they didn't know my name but wrote "to the sweet waitress with green eyes and long brown hair"..I was the only one with long brown hair. My life seems so meaningless without reaching out to others..I feel that is why I am here. Do any of you feel that way? Have you taken chances for spirit o rle tit move through you to reach out to others? Let me know in the message box at the top of the page! Thank you for reading this :)


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