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California/Angels in the redwoods

I wish my thoughts were organized enough to present these stories in an organized manner, beginnning from those experienced at a young age, until the present. At this moment, in my life, it works well to just share the memories one by one as they come to me, in no specific order.

This is a time in my life, when I was living on a river in Northern California as part of a summer backpacking adventure. The year was 1981. My only belongings were a small pack, 2 changes of clothes and a sleeping bag. Most of my meals consisted of berries, apples and plums I picked locally. I, also, exchanged work in garden for fresh eggs and strawberries and I and my compainions would cook them over the fire. It was a magical time in my life, living day to day, simply being in the moment and , really, listening to spirit and making the simplest decisions regarding where to sleep or where to walk by what I felt spirit was saying to me.

One hot summer day while some companions and I were climbing and jumping off of cliffs along the river something caught my eye. I looked up and saw a young man in all white walking down the hill across the river with 5 white dogs following behind him. It was a sight to behold a beautiful vision, I thought.

We ended up talking and becoming friends. Over the weeks he invited my freinds and I a place to stay at his cabin up the hill. The cabin was built in the 1920's and was surrounded by towering redwoods. It was truely one of the most magical places I had ever experienced. Somehow, I knew that from the beginning of my trip listening to spirit, each step along the way,had led me to this magical place.

A few days after we had been invited to camp on my new freinds property, I was standing out under one of the most magificant redwood trees which had a tree house built into it and as I was looking up wondering if Iwould take a chance at climbing the makeshift ladder, I suddenly saw 3 white glowing beings! I was shocked at first yet the light moved through me and about me in a way that made me feel as if i was floating a few feet off of the ground! In just an instant, I rememebred these were the very beings I would "talk" with as achild and even rememebred them being with me as i laid in my crib at 2 years old, or even younger! I immediately, recognized them as my spirit family, or my guides, as I like to call them now. I received this message; "tell your new friend he made the right choice, tell him we see he has struggled with trying to bring both worlds together and as they clashed, he made the right choice regarding his chosen path and he will be blessed because of this". As suddenly as I was engulfed in light and softness..i was back on the dirt, barefeet on the ground and the shaded darkness of the forest surrounded me. Was this a test? I had never been asked to approach anyone and deliver a message, in this way. I had never received such information to deliver or share with another person; the messages had always pertained to decisions I was making in my own life. What do I do with this information? I had not known this person for more than a few days..would he think Iwas crazy? Was Icrazy? Would he say how dare I assume he would even consider accepting such a message ? I felt a sense of anxiety and what I felt was fear, yet, something wispered to me"this is not fear it is adrenaline because you KNOW this is a little pecie of truth and you have been asked to share it and to trust trust your connection with us." I did not realize that once I trusted my guides and offered this information to my freind, that it opened the door to this becoming a constant experience in my life. I believe spirit works in this way that, once we acknowlwdge we trust and believe our connection, we open the door to allowing ourselves to be used as tools or vessels to deliver messages, light, love..


I slowly walked up the stairs to the cabin each step delayed..hesitating with each movement, almost, as if i was carrying spirit within me and wanted to walk gently and carefully as I carried this light, or package of and message within me to share with my freind. So i did. I walked in and said, firstly, "I am sorry, I know this may seem strange and you may think I am crazy, yet, i feel i HAVE to share with you something I heard from my guides/angels and then I will leave, and never come back if you like, yet, I have to say these things". So I told him exactly what spirit had said to me. He became tearful and said it was exactly what he needed to hear. He had been participating in a certian lifestyle that he just had decided to leave behind and turn his life over to Jesus and was looking for confirmation just in that moment when I walked in the door. And so it began! I was learning to listen, once again, as I did as a child, and my life, and in that moment , my life was transformed and would never be the same!

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