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Hey Nancy

Use your intuition but still pull a few cards and tell me why Alex is getting cold on me? Can you? She started being cold and far away after movie night and won't even talk about what happened or why she doing this. Help! Sasha

Greetings Sasha. As I read your first question, I saw that Alex kind of "froze" when you brought something up to her. Maybe it was something about where the relationship is going. I sense it brought her back (or she let it) or triggered ann experince from the past that triggered pain and rejection. It is understandable that you asked a question like this or brought something up because you are about her and ths is a normal progression in a relationship, Sometimes if we have unresolved pain from th epast that we haven not processed or dealt with it can affect our new relationships. I am not asking you to put your wants or need son hold yet, I feel if she is pushed she wil only distance herself more. If it is possible for you to just really enjoy the connection you have and not have to define it this soon, she will feel more at ease and draw near again.

Here are the cards I pulled and how they reflected your situation to me

Card 1: How you feel
The Hanged Man
You might feel a bit confused because there is a person, idea or other life circumstance you may need to release in order to clear the way for something happening naturally and in a positive light I feel it is the idea of having to hold onto and define your relationship with Alex this soon)
Try and look at this relationship from a new perspective: Enjoy the day to day companionship and intimacy and know you do not have to hold on so tight out of fear of losing her! She wants to be with you.
Card 2: What you want
This card reflects that you may be ready to let go of old ideas about what relationships are and to have a new beginning.
Try and be joyful and not take it too personally or regret what you presented to Alex! Just enjoy her and let her find a comfortable rhythm in this relationship and trust it will in time lead to your new beginnings! Actually, it has already begun!

Card 3: What you may fear and the outcome
It seemed you began to let fear creep in that this relationship wouldn't last so you took action to try and reign her in.
You may have thought a rival or someone from Alex's past would come in and swoop her away!
This may be an uncomfortable time as you both face your fears yet talk it out and do this together The outcome is positive for you both!

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