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Nanci PsychicNanci created Psychic Earth in 2003 and has been offering free mini chat readings here ever since

Some like to order more in depth readings. I cover all matters in life. You may text me to set a private paid phone , online or in person reading @ Absolutely Free Psychic Readingstestimonials

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 In addition to free readings, you may order a private in depth reading. Pay for the amount of time and text me @ 707 543 1760 to arrange a time and date.

Greetings and thank you for being here. My name is Nanci. I was blessed to have teachers, from a young age, who recognized my abilities and encouraged me to use these gifts to bring light into the world and into the lives of others.

When we meet for psychic sessions, I utilize my ability to connect with the higher source of "love light", through and with my life-long guides and angels, to offer accurate and tailored information to assist you with making choices on your chosen life path. I am shown pictures, I hear words & names, I smell surroundings, I feel emotions and can sense your loved ones thoughts and feelings. I honor all paths and judging ones choices is a practice I refrain from; as I trust each of our own spirits to honor our free will and believe empowering you to make your own choices and to honor those choices is a fundamental part of the growth process we experience throughout our lifetime. I will never attempt to create a dependency on my sessions; as I truly wish to help empower you to find the answers within yourself, utilizing your own gifts! Many of my clients have felt empowered enough to, finally, do readings for themselves and go on to help others!

I have had excellent success with feeling, seeing and hearing those whom have crossed over (pets and people!) and if there is someone around you whom has a desire to come through, chances are great I will be shown this and present the results to you!

Pure psychic energy/impressions/visions/insights accented with an endless flow of light and unconditional love are what I share with you, with excellent outcomes and stunning accuracy!

I am honored with each new person who chooses to read with me, and I hope to meet with you soon!

Known, loved and trusted by many as "ASTRONET Ania" on AOLs' award winning ASTRONET
I have had many life adventures I feel help me to understand and empathize with many challenging life situations. I have learned and grown and found the magic and light of spirit in each adventure and draw on these experiences when in sessions. I understand the loss of a baby and parents. I have been homeless , twice, and started over from nothing! I have experienced being a single parent/divorced. I have had an illness for a years time that I was not expected to recover from. I have had so many other life adventures and travels where I learned to solely trust spirit as a co-creator to rebuild my life anew! Let me share my gifts and draw on my life experiences to offer insights to you along your chosen life path!










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