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Psychic Finds Animals Cally

Hi Nanci. My family, kids and mother all want to thank you from the bottom our our hearts for telling me in the chat to check out a house near the school with a fence around the one half of the school. I can't believe you saw the young guy with his older family member having CALLY!! OMG. The only thing is he lives 4 houses from the fence not 2 but hey it was so close. At first the guy Garrett didn't know if the cat was ours but I went and found a book Jessica made in school with Cally's picture in it tha was in the car. He saw jess start to cry and knew Cally was ours! THANK you thank you!! You said you can't always find animals but you found ours! WE are believers. Sarah, Jessica, Gloria, Daniel.


Dear Nancy, You were right on the money when you said go to the construction sight behind my house, well about 1/4 mile away. The GUY DID see HARRISON my dog and he say he knows who took HARRISON home! We are hot on his trail of getting our best friend (DOG) HOME!!!! THANK YOU NANCY!!!


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----- Original Message -----
From: Janine and John
To: Nanci Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 4:52 PM
Subject: Re: Help to find our lost cat Hi Nanci

My oldest daughter come across your website, she said that she has also sent you and e-mail but could not attach any pictures, I would very much appreciate any help you could give. We here are also praying that our very much loved cat Jacob returns home safely.

Jacob is an indoor/outdoor cat, he weighs 17 pounds, he is a Maine coon mix, grey long haired tabby colour. Jacob is 8 year old male (neutered). We also took in a stray a couple of years ago. Jacob has been fine with him being around. Jacob never wonders far from the property and doesn't go anywhere near the road, he is afraid of the traffic.
We have walked in the back fields for hours calling his name and we have put up posters.

Can you help us pray for his safe return?

Can you see where he might be, to point us in the right direction to finding him.

Janine & family


To Janine & family

Hellos and thank you for writing! Jacob reminds me of our Cat, choo choo, he is so beautiful. The first thing I felt and saw was an area of brush back and to the slight right of your house. So if you were to stand in back of your house (or side of house where there is nature or brush) and walk straight and slightly to the right..I was hearing a small amount of water trickeling..smelling wetness and also..some sort of smell that seemed unusual..by unusual I mean, perhaps like excessive mold or water runoff..just some kind of unusual smell ..as if there is a plant or dump or something down wind that has a smell that works its way to the area or an old bag of garbage near him..I am sorry to use those words! I kept seeing a stump of a tree that an animal could fit into or climb under..and low brush where it felt his body is low to the ground and he may be stuck under this prickly low brush. There have been so many earth changes that I feel somehow are affecting animals everywhere! Sooo many people long time animals are dissapearing for days or displaying unusual behavior..is the hair on his tail and back long because it feel he may be stuck on his back/tail area. I feel slight irritation in the middle of my back and feel this may be due to something scraping on his back. He may be a little dehydrated and not meowing loudly. I will pray for you and your baby..I do feel he is within a half a mile..Please let me know. For some reason I am being shown an older lady in a house within walking range that may end up seeing or hearing him..is there an older lady who lives on a corner house.I saw a cat with orange on it walk near Jacob..could there be another cat that may lead you to him if you follow..

Dear Nanci:

Thank you for your help, as soon as i read your e-mail we rushed out to once again look, unfortunately we still have not found him. Is there anything else around him you might see, any distinctive buildings? We also have a black short hair stray cat that i took in a couple of years ago, yesterday we saw him running with an orange cat, but didn't pay much attention to them, other then my youngest daughter saying "look joey has a girlfriend". but i didn't see them. At the front of our house is the road, across the road and to the right is an old barn, there is a stream running through there, in the summer we did get that lovely manure smell. The barn is now no longer in use. I know our stray cat does go over there, I don't know where the orange cat came from we have never seen that one before, but Jacob is afraid of the road. Can you see or sense anything else?
We are so worried about him.

Thank you

Janine & family

Dear Janine & family

Can you check the area near the barn and water? even though he is afraid of the road perhaps he followed the orange cat over there at one time then was afraid of coming back..I saw an orange cat..so it makes me wonder..can you check over there? Like I said unusual things are happening with animals lately..and if this orange cat sudddenly showed up and I was shown him, perhaps he is a key in this!


Dear Nanci

I would really like to thank you, I sent my other half across the road with a flash light 15 minutes before he left for work as he works midnights, as even myself something was telling me to check across the road, my head was telling me to check and my heart was telling me he wouldn't have crossed the road. Anyway long story made short, he came walking back with Jacob in his arms. I can't even express how much i appreciate all your help. Thank you so very much.

From Janine, John, Chelsie & Katlyne


Hi Janine and Family. We are so happy Jacob is home! We are animal lovers and know they are a part of the family. I wanted to ask your permission to use jacobs picture and story on my webpage. If not I understand, yet, I like to ask permission first. It would be awsome to share the celebration! Blessings, Nanci
Is Jacob ok?


Hi Nanci

Just wanted to let you know he was across the road at the old abandoned barn, he is great, no cuts or anything. I
have attached a picture of him, last night when we were going to bed.

Jacob's first night home after being lost for 3 days, look at him
all snuggled into the pillow safe and sound.

Thank you once again for all your help, and please go ahead and use the pictures and story for your website.
You went out of your way to help us. So Thank you once again.

Janine, John, Chelsie & Katlyne






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