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The visitor list is a list of people that are currently chatting in the room. Each name has a person symbol next to it and the color indicates their status. Green is online, red is off-line, gold is owner, white/silver is moderator, blue is member, grey is ignored and brown is banned. Some users might have a purple/pink icon, this is because they have the Powers to do so.

You must 18 and over to receive a reading on The REAL readers will have a gold iconreal psychic next to their name Nanci, Dipali, Rebecca, and Diana

Safety Tips

For information on how to keep safe while using online services, please visit the folowing sites:

Chat Danger
Wired Safety
OnGuard Online: FTC safety tips


You must be 18 years of age to utilize our free entertainment services throughout this site. By using this site and its services and information, you are expected to be at least 18 years of age. if you think anyone under 18 years of age is utilizing this site for free readings or services, please contact with their known isp adress/adresses, if known and any other information you can provide, thank you!

FREE readings are for entertainment purposes only! Many psychics visit here and attempt to do readings in the chatroom yet because there are so many I cannot guarantee or endorse their accuracy so you are responsible for choosing to read with them. Nanci, Diana Dipali and Rebecca are the official readers on this site and some have been here 7+ years.

Any solicitation in chat for other reading sites will result in permanant banning. Thank you!

Chatroom proto:Please be advised that we do not allow gay bashing, obscene profanity, in-tolerance to any religion or race, jokes meant to offend or critisize any specific race or any conduct that I, nanci, or one of the moderators finds repulsive, disruptive or creates an environment that hurts or harrasses others. We reserve the right to ban, for up to permanantly, anyone we FEEL or believe is making the room uncomfortable or unsafe or unplesant for others.if CHILDREN end up viewing this room,mistakenly,while browsing the web, and,as my own children may sometimes glance at the screen while I am hosting, I demand a child safe chat.. Please do NOT PM the hos demanding constant attention. We must give our attention to everyone and keep it fair as possible


I am in no way responsible for the energy delivered or quality of reading anyone opens themself to by giving a visiting reader permission to read them. If you ask for a reading and do not like it.. it is your responsiblity, not mine, as you are 18 years of age and agreed to the reading. Thanks!


How free readings in the chatroom work: . When the chat room is open everyone is able to access the chatroom, easily, unless, otherwised banned because of undesireable behavior.

Readings are given at scheduled times (check calendar for details) We are only 2 people and have over 1000 visitors a day,and many e-mails to answer, so we are unable to meet everyones needs (as we have work, school and families among other life experiences to attend to) yet, do as well as possible giving our time, freely, to offer free mini readings. When readings are in progress we pull names, randomly, from a hat or room list, so begging or pleading will not make a difference. Trust spirit, as we do, to ensure your time will come! Private messaging the readers with questions or updates takes our time away from the room and will count as your free reading chance for that day. Blessings and hope to see you there!





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