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11-2018 Dear Sacred Mountain Psy: My name is Laurie B. Please don't post my birthday.

You were spot on a year ago when you felt and saw a romatic love come into my life and I'de meet him unexpectedly. His first name is B. (keep his birthday private, thanks) The relationship is moving fast but it seems right to both of us. We both are very cautious people who like to plan ahead so it is suprising we both think this is a good thing! What do you see as far as work because he is wanting to get a better paying job so we can start a family. (Fast I know!)

Thanks again!!!

Hi Laurie. it is always great to hear feedback. I really appreciate that. As I condict this reading and focus on you two, before I read the part about work, the first image that came through involed you two packing boxes and moving into a new apartment. I felt it had to do with B. finding a new opportunity, out of the area. One of you must own a house because I see the house will sell after you move and as you begin to make more concrete plans for marrying (yes I see that) You buy a new home together. It feels and looks as if you will only be in this place for 6 to 8 months so I would consider a month to month so you will not have ot break a lease! So; there will be a job offer for him and you still work from home. It feels out of state and North-East of where you are now. As beautiful as California is I feel and sense the area might be one where wild fires will exist and it is very smokey. I get a sense the state North-East of you will hold more opportunity and abundance! Blessings


Past Answers from Nicole

Hi Nicole. I started a company but did I do the right thing? Was it the right choice?

Hello. I pulled 3 cards which represent your past, present and future in this matter! The Eight of Wands tell me you have put your plans into action and made a move towards the future, which is positive! the Four of Swords shows me you are taking time to reflect and gather your self so you can move ahead in a solid manner which is good! The first two positive cards reverse the usually negative interpretation of the Eight of Cups which indicates you may reach another time of questioning if this was the right path. Hang in there and you will come out ahead!. Things are looking good!

You have a yearning for a greater understanding of your inner self, and you should explore new pastures and challenges. You start a new period of personal growth. Sincerely, Nicole



Hi Nicole! Thanks for doing this. :)

My main question is Does Jarred think about me? Does Cameron think about me? I am confused about which one is really in to me? Please help!

Hi Jamie. I pulled one card asking your question because I already sensed something about this and wanted to validate it. The Lovers card came up! I will just say that Cameron is the one who really sees you for who you are and would be in this for the long haul! You keep coming back to him because he is reliable, honest, consistant and truthful! Deep down you feel safe and secure and it helps that he makes you laugh and you really do care for him! Love comes soon, it is happening. Surrender to it! Jarred is more like the charmer. He will leave as soon as he gets what he wants or is restless! It may be exciting being around a "Bad Boy" yet wasting your time here may be exciting, you will lose a very good young man in the process! Cam cares. Jarred is interested in fun! You choose! Blessings, Nicole

Hey there Nicole.


My question is focussed on wanting to know if my ex business partner and I will make it through this legal battle and will we stay in this area? I cannot imagine competing against my ex partner. Thanks, Frank L.

Hi Frank. I pulled 3 cards to offer a bit of insight about your situation. 1. Justice
This is a card of truth and equality. A time for arbitration and agreement, the achievement of harmony. The documents you signed or inspected will bring fairness to the situation for both of you!
2. Four of Wands
Order, law and government. Tact and gentleness are necessary to the success of ones work. The card combines the fiery forces of Aries with the femininity of Venus, so keeping passion and creativity flowing during this diffucilt time are important to seeing this through to a positive outcome! I feel a move is coming and both of you will create peace and stability, on your own!
3. King Of Cups
This card indicates an easy-going person. His enthusiasm is quickly fired, but it is equally quickly subdued. Change is definitely coming as in a move to another location for you. I sense you will be restlessness if you stay in the area, so go for the move! Nicole

Cam 4-27-83 Daralyn 8-3-84

Hi Nicole. I have a question that is simple yet not simple. Should we marry now? It seems to easy! Cameron


Dear Nichole
Ok so It is crazy that the guy I fought for
last year has come back like Nanci on here
said and would be jealous ok but
now I have a new bf and was happy
until Derrick showed up  again, help?



Hi Elsie.
You learned a long time that as you believe, so will it be. You wanted to be happy and you are. Why go backwards? Devote your energy to the new beginnings you have created and reap the benefits!
2. Near Future THE LOVERS
Though you have struggled, you have made the right decision. Your life is balanced and happy now. Was it with Derrick? I see your new bf is the right choice to keep this balance!
It is obvious you have reached a point where you can choose your future! A nice combination of material success and success in your personal life is manifesting! You know what I see but it is your choice. Choose wisely!

Hi Nicole! I will get to the point; I need to know if me and reginald are compatible enough to be business partners and lovers. What do you say?

You and Reggie seem to have a wonderful balance in your relationship when it comes to being just enough alike to understand each other yet not take away from each ones unique qualities! This actually proves to be an excellent business partnership and an even more rewarding love connection!
You each are a bit competitive and this is the one area that might cause you to butt heads so to speak, yet, the love with carry you through this process and you will not waste time bickering! There is too much business to get done and love to be made! Good luck! Nikki

Hi Gaila. You asked that I keep your question on the private side, so i will honor that! When I focussed on your dad and pulled the cards the same theme came up over and over; I interpret what came through as encouragement to set the boundaries you asked about! if you decide not to, the enabling will only continue and it will contribute to you both staying kind of "stuck" in this misery and dysfunction! it shows the best way to empower both of you to step beyond the tangled web that weaves you together is to make the change you asked about. That brings us to another point. I sense you asked about this because you already know this is the healthiest thing to do for both of you! Sometimes we need a little push! Putting your energy into a healthy outcome may feel scarey yet it is rewarding and heling! You have to exert tons of energy to him now, right? Why not use that energy and move in a more beneficial direction! Keep us posted, Nikki

Maty  I wanted to know will Michael and I make it work? Should I just stay friends with him? His bday is 12-4-83 and mine is 9-14-84. Thank you blessings!! Hi Maty. I know this is a cliché, yet, every card I pulled reflected your big heart and how spiritually in tune you are, yet, just need to trust! The light in your heart is so big and intuitive, I want to just say “follow your heart”! There is something very unique and special about you and Michael’s connection. I believe if nothing else, you will be lifelong companions, whether it advances into other things , I feel will be your choice. I do see another lover/partner for you (maybe 2) before you are settled, so my feeling is that Michael is definitely one of your soul mates, yet, there is something in you that wants to prove something to yourself and longs for answers or proof! So I leave you with your choice. You may decide to more than friends with Michael, yet, I see this wander lust or deep need for something or someone else that may always make you wonder if you settled too soon. All in all, staying friends and examining other options may be the best for both of you until both of your hearts are really sure that you are ready to commit fully. Michael is not going anywhere! No matter how far apart it may seem you become, I feel you will always find your way back to each other. Trust your heart to lead you on your path, Luv, Nikki

Chase - APRIL 2:I've been holding back something,I dont know if its considered a secret.but will the two main people in my life accept it? How will they react? And when will I reach a personal goal I have been struggling with for years?
Thanks!!!!!!!!! ­
Hi Chase. How could they not? The cards show you hold onto a bit of illusion out of fear of walking outside of your comfort zone and that you have a belief that you must choose one world, or another. The surprise is, you can have both! You can bring both worlds together to create a new world where you are being true to yourself and those who love you will understand. You have to expect people will react in their own ways, yet, that has nothing to do with you, at all! How they choose to react is part of their own path. All’s you have to be concerned about it being true to yourself. It looks as if those people may already sense, a bit, the secret you think you are hiding, and love that as a part of you. It looks as if you WILL reach your goal you asked about, yet,it takes putting all of your intention, heart and soul into it and how can you do that if you are not living your own truth? The choice is yours. Consider letting your true colors shine! The treasures awaiting you outweigh the fear regarding how anyone might react. Those who love you will love you even more and find you as an inspiration, over time! Take care, Nicole

Nicole says: Hi Jarred. It is understandable that you are confused about Tamara! Your relationship with your gf is solid (or was) and then this passionate hottie comes in and "rocks your world" so to speak and you were swept off of your feet! The cards tell me that your steady gf that you broke it off with is so much more stable, loyal and is equally as capable of matching the passion of this temporary fling! Your former gf, who wants you back, will be there in EVERY way and connect with you in more ways than just the physical. You can wait a couple of months for this fling to lose it's heat or you can take the ex back and really have a solid, fun and dependable relationship. The cards show if you want much longer, you will lose that chance. Hope this helps, Nicole


Hey Nicole! I am writing for free tarot reading or love advice. I thought my relationship was over and now that I finially met a new guy my ex is back in the picture! help? sarah

hi sarah! I pulled 3 cards and asked spirit guide my hand and these are what came up for you. After explaining each card I will offer how I think they reflect your situation :)

(Lovers): What you most right now
This card suggests that what you most want at this time is to know what choice to make - carry on as you are or take a risk? The risk offers excitement and change and staying as you are I feel You know what that means to ask yourself. Take a chance on love,or retreat back to what is familar?

(The High Priestess) What you might fear
You are feeling uneasy and insecure, something in your gut is saying 'be careful, all is not as it seems' If something just doesn't feel right then Pay Attention! If so, delay any decisions or actions until you have answered your concerns.

(The Moon) : What is happening for you Now
Despite the fear and confusion you feel, and the seeming difficulty of the path you have chosen, keep going - all will eventually turn out fine.; it also shows us how to be open to new and unexpected possibilities

I will add that it seems you were finding happiness until your ex finially came back into the picture! You were finding your way, more confident and joyful! he fed off of your wanting him and it was not healthy for you nor did it benefit you in any way! Let your ex know you have found balance and joy and choose to give the new man a go! You can fall back into what feels comfortable just realize your ex has not changed and you will be in for more of the same! I hope this helps :)


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