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Hi Sacred Psychic! Gina tells me she wants to move to Europe and want to believe her. She acts as if she does not want to and is giving me double messages. How does she REALLY feel?

Hi Penelope. The first sense I get is that she is not sure you are truly over someone else. Is there a chance you have an ex that you are still close to? I feel once she is sure you are over that person and totally devoted to her, she will move in a heart beat! If your heart is really into her, then work on that! Make her the only one, and she will be there within 6 weeks! Blessings, SGP



Dear Scared Garden Psychic,
My name is Saji. Is it over
 with my ex or will
he come back to me?
Do I wait? If so, how long?

Hi Saj. Thank you for writing.
I must say, as soon as I read your question; I had what I call “truth burn” sensation in my heart area that showed me a new layer to part of what may have transpired between you and your ex.

What I sensed is you both, indeed, want to make this work, however, I am sensing stubbornness on your part when it comes to “taking back” something you said (and did not really mean) because of your ego. I keep these answers short so I will just suggest; if you truly want this lovely man back in your life, put your ego aside and show him you can be as vulnerable and compromising as he is trying to be, in this situation. I see he has already made the effort to reach out. Without any response, how could you expect him to do even more? Please consider he has gone above and beyond and it is your turn to show a bit more emotional maturity and fess up to having said something you really did not mean! Is he worth that? I say yes! Blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic




After 13 years together he says he doesn't know how he feels .
Will he ask me to stay and therefore get our relationship back on track ?... And how can we get there ? Thank you x


Hi E. I feel your love is experiencing a sense of his life “being stuck” and it feels as if something in his personal life happened that shook him up a little and made him being to contemplate where his own path was taking him. I also sensed that words came from you that he internalized and chose to feel sad about? I feel he will need time to reflect and process whatever this was that arose, yet, you two will be on the mend before the holidays approach! In his searching he finds you are too big a part of his life to give up on, blessings Sacred Garden Psychic


I am faced with a HUGE decision. My boyfreind is in the service and lives on base down south. I just found out we are pregnant. He wants me to move there and get married right away. We are engaged and were planning to wait until he was out in about two years. All of my family is here and I have a job I love. What should I do? Half of my family and frineds say GO and others say wait. ???

Hi Sandi! I appreciate you writing. The first sense I get is this is a time to put aside what everyone else thinks and ask yourself what is in your OWN heart. You have a wonderful sense about people and situations and are good with helping others yet it is time to trust your own intuition regarding your own life! I see and feel that you do want to go, yet, question that impulsiveness because you and your fiancee both tend to be impulsive and it may have led to some circumstances that you ended up questioning. it is good to stop and think and weigh possibilities and I am glad to see you do that, however, because I sense yoru concern comes from a place of wondering if he really loves you and if this can be real, I can say with confidence, I feel he is sincere, not being too impulsive and has perfect intentions of taking care of you and baby! he will not leave you or abandon you as you feel other male figures have! This truely, from my perspective, can be "the one". It is ok to let go of controll a bit here and trust your own judgement, part of that being you chose a good man! Blessings an dkeep me posted, Sacred Garden Psychic



Hi Frank. Thanks so much for writing in. As soon as you asked about your mother, I saw and heard a voice and words directed towards you, so I must share that and you can write back and let me know how this may make sense. As soon as I saw who i feel is your mom (Ginny or Jenny?) She held three fingers up and said she has three things to tell you. As she said these things she was holding a little white dog in her arms. I kow this sounds sad but it looked as if it had been injured while it was alive (in the head area) and it found itself in your moms arms right away and they are together. The second thing was Kathy will come around and realize she was "too hot headed like her mom" and all willl be well..just give it time to resolve. The house is YOURS and always will be. Your mom trusted you would be the one to care for it properly and responsibly and nothing anyone does will take that from you. She also says it is ok to clean her room out. it will make a wonderful guest room for family towards the end of summer :) I hope this helps! Blessings, Sacred garden Psychic

I'm concerned my mom and my brother lied to me to get money from me....I really needed the money I just wanna know if they were serious about all the stuff they told me.
Hi Lee.  The focus here, as I see it is, you have it within you to change the family pattern of using a bit of deception and manipulation to get what one needs. I am not judging anyone, yet just feel your family members are not happy within their own lives and others may make it easier for them to find an easy way out by giving in to their emotional manipulation a bit J. They will continue to do this, until others set boundaries and do not accept the guilt. Realize they do have the ability to find other resources. You have a big heart and it is wonderful to help family, of course, yet, It feels as if it is time to learn to lovingly say “no”, gently shift the unhealthy pattern of allowing yourself to be so effected by guilt and obligation. I truly believe that forgiveness and understanding are even more important than sacrifice. Let go of the money or wondering about it as it is already flowed in another direction, yet, next time, stand firmly in your space and do not allow yourself to be swayed by guilt. I see you being the change in your family by setting the example of someone who has integrity and self reliance. I will not judge whether they told the whole truth or not, as , I feel you know deep down you have  a big heart and allow yourself to be the one to make things easier for them. You do this out of love, I understand also, yet, just know they will be ok if you do not run to their rescue, every time .

Mary August 10 1988:last 2 readings they said I have alot of talent that iam unaware of,I will excell in my futur career and be well know in good ways. What should i do to get this future started, im lost
Hi Mary. I am not sure who gave you readings and cannot comment on what others see so will just start fresh. I can see why other readers shared those insights with you, however, because you are beaming with energy and anticipation that when combined with focus will get you started moving in a new creative direction. It is as if you are a car sitting in place reving it’s engine! I do not see you as lost! I see you hesitant to make a move towards something you feel passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you get it right the first time! Pick one thing. Is it a person you want to talk with yet hold back? Is it a new job you want to try for but afraid you may not get it so don’t try? Is it a class or hobby? It does not matter where you begin Mary. Jump in and follow your heart and passion! You have those two things that shine brightly and it is obvious that once you decide what to try and take a step towards it, good things begin to happen! Blessings,

Blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic


Pretty sure I know the answer already, but will Ed ever talk to me ever again? My dob is 17 Nov 1986, Ed's is 13 Mar 1977. Thanks

Hi Emma! It feels as if Ed somehow shut down emotionally, because of how he felt because of something that happened between you two, and when he attempted to talk about it, you may have become defensive and for him that was not the answer he wanted.It  feels as if he actually hoped for an answer that would explain or justify what happened, yet, felt disappointed and somehow lost trust. I feel he is still hurting and attempting to deal with the remnants of it all, and there is a yearning to talk with you, but then, he imagines the similar thing may happen again so he stops himself. I feel he would only want to talk again if he was convinced, in his heart, it would actually have a good outcome. Is there a way he could be convinced of this? If so, I feel he would open up to you again. I do not want to reveal personal details here, yet, trust you will understand.

Chandra 2-13-77:
My husband of 14 yrs Javier 5/13/75 left me and our kids, he says he needs time, is this the end?
Hi Chandra. I sense your husband has just reached a point where he feels he lost hisself in other peoples drama and is at a loss as to how to manage all of the pressures he feels put upon him. I feel he is hurting and a bit lost, even though he may not show that side to the world. I feel his heart is there with you and the kids and if he sensed the pressures easing up a bit or the expectation that he must solve every little drama that comes along (perhaps inlaws, I am not sure I just sense that he feels overwhelmed) he would make his way back home. I do not feel it is over. He wants home to be a place he can relax or have some down time. Don’t we all though? Try and communicate that if he would give it a try you would do what you could to not include him in each little drama. He just wants a bit of peace. I feel he will be back!

Sacred garden Psychic says: Hi Marissa. What an exciting time for you! I say YES to the move because of work. It is so clear here, that this opportunity will open up doors for new feindships and new love, also. The fear you feel is pretty much really just adrenaline! Your excitement level increases as you step into the dream you have worked so hard to manifest and as you see it unfolding it is normal to feel excited and anxious! This is not is excitment! Go for it! You will be so happy you did! Blessings sacred garden psychic

2-2012 Dear Sacred Garden Psychic, My name is Annabelle. I am looking for guidance regarding a move I contemplate will come with my new employment opportunity. What, if anything, do you see or sense about this anticipated move? Thank you in advance


Hi Annabelle. Thank you for writing. I do not always understand what comes through at the time I begin to focus, yet, I will share what I see and see how it unfolds here :) The first thing I sensed is you will have at least 2 options. I saw you will consider buying and also have an opportunity to rent. The big thing here that made an impression on me was to encourage you to rent first! it looks as if the job you are assigned to will move its location 8 mos or so after you relocate! if you buy sooner than this you may have a long commute to work..I sense you are intuitive yourself and may have sensed something was up or unresolved if you decided to buy right away and so seeked validation! Your intuition is so right on..Please cnsider rentng, at first, and then looking for a home approximately an hour and a half away when the employment changes locations..renting works out wonderfully for you and less than a year down the road you wilol find a home that suits your needs much better than the one you would have purchsed when you firs tmoved. There will be garden space, a small outbuilding that is fairly new and a beautiful sun room. Good luck and blessings! sacred garden psychic


Good Day Nanci

My Name is S

I need to enquire about a man whom I’m not sure how to take. I don’t know whether I can/should trust him or not. He seems sincere in his words but I’ve found out some things that I’m not sure whether to believe or not. I can’t tell if he’s being totally honest with me. I’m not sure about his true intentions towards me.We both have issues when it comes to the opposite sex and relationships,but I’m willing to at least give it a chance and see where it goes,(if anywhere.) What do I need to know about him? Will we have a face to face meeting to discuss things?

I feel thereis a side to his life he mya be a bit private about, and that is his right, as it is yours..I am not sensing he has committed to be emotionally intimate or 'tell you everything", just yet, so i encourage you to see this , day to day, for what it truley is. Sometimes we want to skip steps or jump to a comfortable place with someone without really testing the waters with our eyes open :) it feels as if you and he ma build trust over time, yet, jumping into trusting without any real proof he s trust worthy may cause you to be in for suprises, not unpleasant, necessairly, just challenging :). Take time to earn eachothers trust and adress the issues or adventures, one by one, as they by day. I do not feel anything bad is being hidden, he just NEEDS his private space..a place to breathe..not be judged (others have judged or tried to change him) Building a friendship, first, rather than chasing or forcing a romantic love , I feel is the key with this man :)


hi nanci, just wanted to tell you , that my sister marriage has broken up and she is on her way to begin life afresh ... however her husband keeps blaming my 2nd sister's husband for doing black magic and destroying his family with the continous fights.
my sisters husband keeps stating that my 2nd sister husband is responsible for my mothers death by having black magic done on her.
its hard to believe all this but he states that he will destroy all of us since he wasnt accepted into the family when they got married...

Can u tell me if this is true and how do i protect my self from this black magic.... i know my mom is always there to protect me but a little worried about this...

What i sense is something that i feel is just "negitive emotions". Whenever there is a block to loving someone unconditionally..or lets say people put walls up or were not as open to this man because of their own fears or dislikes or issues or whatever it was..this causes emotional and spiritual energy blockages..sometimes it turns to physical illness..sometimes it eventually causes anger to build..resentment builds..jealousy...all of the unhealthy emotions..I feel those things are what cause relationships of any kind to break down..I feel if someone says they are going to do "black magic" just the intention alone is enough to create fear and fear is a big part of the root of disease and unbalance in our emotional and spiritual lives..and physical. I cannot adress the whole the whole familys issues, however, i can say to not fear this person, espoecially, someone who is so spiritually empty! rather than fear the black magic..take that fear and let it go and replace it with joy because you know your mama is a beautiful white light of love surrounding you! I feel she tries to lift all of you from this needless..immature..and childish are protected..please do not waste energy worrying :) I do not see anything you need protecting from, however, I feel a wonderful love light surrounding is your responsibility to take heed to it :)

2-2011 Hello Nanci, my name is R. I am 19 years old. I find myself in a mess. I believe I am in love with this boy I've been dating for 6 months now. His name is Anthony, born July 17, 1990. We get along great! The problem is he just had a beautiful baby with his ex. I love the baby very much, but it does effect our relationship greatly. I want to know if things will be ok. We are both going through really hard times right now. Can you help me. I want to know if I should hang in there for a while longer; if that will even pay off, or should I let go now? Thank you, Rachael.

Dear R: The baby will be a part of his life is not the baby that is causing problems :) there is a need to mature and comprimise and accept this baby will be a part of his heart and family as long as he lives..if that is may just cause you pain to hang in depends on if you are willing to share him :) Supporting him being a good father takes your love for him to a new level. A child comes with added responsibilities and comprimises for the parents..along with important decisions and constant care and love. It is your choice if you want to adopt this child into your heart and life..I feel he already has. Blessings, SGP


I met a girl 5 months ago and I think she might be "the one"! Do you give relationship insight or compatibility information so i can have an idea of what to expect somewhat, thank u, Joey

here is a relationship report based on the M a t r i x astrology, thanks for writing!

Born: Oct 14, 1972 in relationship with Carolyn
Born: Dec 14, 1973

Part 1. How you approach relationships in general

StrengthsA real love of science and natural laws. You are a hard and tireless worker with absolute determination and the ability to carry great projects through to completion. Always the protector to all those you come to know, you tend to have long and secure relationships. Since you are a natural conservative, those older than yourself (authority figures) tend to benefit you.
You love whatever is new or different, and breakthrough flashes of original insight are typical. You could invent something, and you have a natural love for communication and new-age technology. You appreciate independence and originality in others, especially in a partner, and may tend to have unusual friends who are very likely male. You like to keep things spontaneous.
People just naturally love you, perhaps because they sense that you really care for them too. This amounts to more than just a minor talent. You have lots of friends, and many relationships. You're just fun to be around. You may hang out with artistic types, or be one yourself. The feminine, in all of its aspects: fashion, beauty, style, etc., is your cup of tea. You love people and working with the public.
You were born lucky and have never had trouble finding support and approval from others. You may find that working with people is what you want to do for a career. Whether professionally or not, you will find yourself guiding and directing other people in one way or another. You have a way with other people and could do well in advertising, sales... any occupation that works with the public. If anything, you might have had it a little too easy, been a little too lucky.
You have a real drive to discover or invent things. You are always pushing the envelope, going the limit. You know it is at the leading edge where all the real breaks occur. You are fascinated by what is happening in technology and communications. Others find you original and nonconventional, especially in your love life. You have your own very original idea of love, emotions, and marriage. You march to a different drummer when it comes to relationships.
You have always had a drive to delve into the unknown. The cosmos has real trouble keeping secrets from you once you have made your mind up to investigate. You have great perseverance and staying power. You work well in a crisis; emergencies of all kinds find you on the spot, ready to test your mettle. You are brave -- and unafraid of death or people. You do well with investments, property, and other people's money. You have very little sense of propriety and tend to call a spade a spade. You like to get your hands in the real stuff of life, blood and all.

It may have been hard to get emotional support over the years, and your temper has not always been a help to you. You have had to work a lot of problems out for yourself. While you do have a lot of motivation and energy, often there is some difficulty in getting it channeled in useful directions. Sometimes you feel that others don't like you. You require a partner that can give you lots of emotional support. There could be a basic ambivalence with your mother, or with women in general. You may not feel like working.

Part 2. How you relate to Carolyn

You both have an understanding that She is a little different and likes her independence. This is not a problem. She brings some excitement and adventure to your life, and may be restless and on the go. She may introduce you to unusual friends and situations.
Carolyn may be a real help when it comes to disciplined thinking, mental organization, and study in general. You are able to talk about her problems easily. You are able to put into words situations in which She finds herself.
Conversations with Carolyn are always interesting, and She stimulates you to new and different ways of seeing things. She finds your mind fascinating and unusual. You may introduce her to new ideas and concepts.
She loves the way you act and come on. Your basic energy and motivation appeals to her. You may find yourself on stage and performing for her. This makes for lots of fun and great romance.
This might turn out to be a great working (business) relationship. You have no trouble getting behind her, and can urge her to greater success. There is a natural sense of harmony and flow to the relationship.
This could be a very passionate and intense relationship. You find that you are always pushing her to face herself, putting her through changes. She probably finds this exciting. There is a strong sexual attraction to all of this. This could be a good business combination, if caution is exercised.

You may tend to ignore Carolyn's feelings, resulting in arguments and clashes of wills. Your relationship tends to run hot and cold, but when you're hot you are very hot. There may be some hard feelings between you.
You may find her somewhat repressive of your feelings. She manages to put a damper on you every time you get to feeling good and comfortable. There is no way you will support this side of her, and this could lead to a real standoff.
The fact that you find it difficult to put up with her need for confrontation and self-analysis may cause resentment. Your lack of support in this area may lead to explosive times and hurt feelings. You are tired of the tension and don't feel like putting your emotions through one more transformation.
She doesn't appreciate the way your mind works. Your words are wasted on her. You may find yourself being mentally critical of her ideals and sense of values. She doesn't like the way you think.
A basic lack of communication, particularly regarding Carolyn's career decisions. She tends to go against your way of thinking, or you refuse to talk about this subject with her. It may be difficult to communicate.
You don't like the way She thinks and expresses herself. You just don't appreciate many of the things She says to you. This bugs her, and She may insist on going against your own set of values.
There is this sense of the unromantic. She may feel that you don't value her ideals and don't support her dreams. You may find her unrealistic and may not appreciate "escapism" on her part.


Update- WOW

I had to pick up one of my Mom's clients who is mentally disabled (she's 8). On the ride home she kept looking over to her left and laughing so hard as if someone was sitting next to her telling her jokes. No one was with us and she doesn't speak so I couldn't ask her who she was talking to. I just let her laugh all the way home.

My wiener dog was having trouble walking so I called her over put both hands on her Reiki style and heat slowly built up in my hands. I kept think "healing energy from me to you". She just sat there like she was enjoying it. When she had enough she got more limp!

The dogs keep looking up at something over my left shoulder like someone is standing behind me and I get a slight cool feeling there as well!

I also put in a job notification with the county for Health and Human Services!In a nut shell I'm working on what you said, it's working and it's AWESOME! Thank You So Much For Being The Magnificent Spirit That Is You And For Doing What You Do! I Feel Blessed For Having Crossed Paths With You!

Take CareC :) .

Sometimes when we receive validation and support from someone we connect with it helps to activate those wonderful gifts we already hold within ourselves..Your letter helps to valaidate me as well, so thank you! I am happy for you and honored to be a tiny part of your adventure! blessings, nanci

2-2010 Hi Nanci,
I had a 16 year old dog named Ginger, that I had to have put to sleep on
February 7, 2010. Ginger was part German Shepherd, Border Collie, Spaniel, and Chow. I want to know how much longer Ginger had to live if I didn't put her to sleep. I want to know if Ginger is with her dog family? I want to know if Ginger is in heaven with Jesus and God. I want to know if Ginger is mad at me for putting her to sleep. Does Ginger have anything she wants to tell me. Ginger's birthday is October 20, 1993. My name is Marci DeBiaso, birthday December 6, 1965. I would like a
free pet psychic reading if possible. I'll email you a picture of me and Ginger in a couple of minutes. Thanks alot!


Hi M I have so many emails, I usually cannot answer them personally, yet, I had to share something with you. I first opened the pictures of you and Ginger before I opened the letter..I looked at the pictures and thought perhaps you just had not written me yet..I said awww out loud..and thought you must be writing because Ginger had run away (the reason why most people write is a missing pet). I heard, rigth away, "Ginger is still with her" so i asked myself..if i feel this so strongly...I must not be tuned in really well.

I am not feeling well today so i walked away from the computer for awhile and it was on my mind(the fact that i heard that Ginger is right next to you) I thought...hmm.maybe the next door neighbors have doesnt make sense because if she was right next to you..why would you be writing about her i went back into my email and looked for your letter...or to see if there was one. Your letter arrvied in my e-mail after you sent th epictures, sp, i opened and read it. When you said (you had her put to sleep) Itotally understood why spirit showed me she was "right next to you!" earlier.
I can surely say..and firmly believe and feel that Ginger is totally just in the moment..holds onto no anger. She doesnt even question if you did anything to harm her..she doesnt even fathom the idea of that..I sense she transitioned so quickly..suddenly felt no pain..was free and happy and bouncy (almsot doing a backflip lol) and still knows she with you. She does not make much of a discernment that anything happened except you helped releive her of her pain and as far as she is concerned she is better than ever!! lol...she is right with you..I know you must smell and sense her or jsut feel her energy bouncing around you..i can feel it from here! Please do not riddel yourself with guilt or question the loving choice you made! I have had to make that choice and have had freinds who had to make that choice I believe it is a loving humane thing to do if our pets are in pain and unable to function. Jump to now: Ginger is still with you..keep her blanket and toy in a special spot..she is hanging out..and as far as she is concerned shes still with you and that is al that matters..this iswhat i see...feel sense..and believe, blessings sacred garden psychic

1-17-10 Hello again! I have a question. something that has really been bothering me, and I don't know really who else to ask about this. I have been noticing things that are occuring around me more and more frquent. I have always been "sensitive" you could say. Dreams coming true, things about people that no one knew, except me because of my dreams. A few years ago I was experiencing this same thing, but it kinda just went away. This has never really scared me, but now it is kinda upsetting a little. I am not scared, just confused and curious as to why this keeps happening, and I hope you can answer my question. Sometime I feel like I am going crazy, and i dont have anyone to talk to about this. At night, when we are all in bed, sometimes I see things...not really orbs, but, well the best I can describe this is almost jellyfish like. They are different colors at times, from white, to pink, to green, and like a lavender color. I told my husband and he says it is my eyes playing tricks on me, i thought maybe that could be possible,m so I started leaving the bathroom light on, almost illuminates my entire bedroom. Then one night it happened when I was not asleep. I was wide awake, and it is as if it likes a jellyfish swimming through the water with little tenticle like things, almost plasmic looking, they dont disappear for about a minute. I even tried to touch one, and as i got up to it, it slowly faded away before my eyes. Could you please tell me what this is and why it keeps happening more and more frequent. One night it did actaully scare me, because it was right over me, I tried to get up to get my husband and i felt literally electricity through my body. thats when i got scared. I have also been having dreams about my house burning, each dream is slightly different than the other, but i have been awakened on two occassion, at the same exact time in the mornings at 3:18 AM, by the smell of something burning, i always get up freak out and run through the house checking everything out, the smell goes away instantly. My sister was here yesterday, and actually smelled the smell with me at the time, so I know i am not crazy. I know you are very busy, but I didn't know who else to turn to about this. If you could help in any way i would greatly appreciate it...i feel like i am losing my mind, because this is only happening to me.

Nan PsychicEarth January 18 at 3:42pm
I honestly feel and have seen beautiful light around you from the first time we spoke. I feel there is nothing whatsoever to fear and if you accept and own that you have these protective, loving beings with you, the intesity will feels like a blessing to me..really, because..this is how I see things and it has saved me any times. The energies feel gentle..I feel you have a gift of sensing a bit of other you must think i am crazy..hehe..I am old enough not to worry about what anyone else thinks..I feel I have survived things noone should have and i recognize you have this similar light around you. I sense you feeling this more intensly may be because you have a very gifted and open child around you begin to honor the presense of these guides and protectors(not that you need to be protected) and not let fear come in..and realize you have the right to ask them to let you rest and not be in your space at any certain time ..the little one around you will even relax, more,..and you will be able to offer her support when she is old enough to talk about may sense her gazing at things that are "not there" my children do..i will say i believe and sense you are is a beautiful are not going crazy..that is my feeling about it all. The colors you are seeing are very healing colors and i feel the beings carry healing energy with them..theres mor eye ti have to work soon, blessings, sgp


1-2010 Dear Sacred Garden Psychic, Please answer my question about why I continue to have dreams that wake me up every night but I cannot remember what the dreams were? It is causing me to be tired and frustrated! Thank you for anything you offer. S. Tripps

Hi S. I am not a dream expert, yet, I, Immediately, picked up an issue around your life that i felt led to comment on :) I feel and sense very strongly that there are a few areas in your life where you are holding back the truth about how you feel or how you see things in order to "keep peace". I feel learnign to speak your truth will actually bring asense of peace you may not felt for years.I sense a lack of confidence that may stem from some memories that bring emotional pain..the issue runs deep, yet, i feel you are being encouraged to let your truth and voice flow freely! You will find that co workers and freinds will not critisize you, but, will have a new found respect for you! I sense you experiencing a new found freedom of speech and a releif that brings healing when you see that others will not abandon you when you speak your truth! Start out small..practice sharing your feelings or thoughts about situations that you feel compelled to speak your truth about..eventually it becomes easier and I believe your sleep patterns will improve. I also would suggest you talk with a doctor/professional about your lack of sleep so they may help in only ways they are qualified to..I do believe the key is practicing speaking your truth. I also hear the name Marion or Marilyn and feel it is a grandmother with you who offers support and inspiration on this matter..they are showing compassion because they experienced the same type of patterns and would love to see you set yourself free :) Keep me posted! blessings sgp


11-01-09 Dear sacred garden Psychic. Will Jake and I be freinds again? I can see him on all of the social networking sites but cannot communicate with him. What is he feeling? Why is he doing things this way? Chalisse


Hellos! I feel he is just tired of arguing and games and I feel in time he will be friends again, and let his guard down, yet, as soon as there is a sign of ect..(or if he thinks there is) he will back away again :) I feel he, is, and will be maturing, more and not wanting certain behaviors in his life. I sense you may thrive on creating "drama" and he is shying away from that behavior. If you can pull back a bit, reduce the drama surrounding you..he will feel more comfy about commencing contact..good luck!


10-05-09 Nanci: My name is m. and I am 43 years old born november 6 1964. My husband recently retired and we are living in a family members home. We have been looking for a house for a long time. Every time we find one another persons contract is taken. How we are living is causing a terrible strain on our marriage and I feel that sometimes this is not the place we are supposed to be. Can you provide any insight?

Hello M! When , first, tuning into the energy surrounding your life/situation, I received a strong sense that your situation will be shifting/changing soon! I feel soon after X mas you and husband will receive news that seems to re-awaken your hope of the process you began ragarding making changing in your living situation. I feel and hear something about you finding a place that is either rent or lease with option to buy. I say this not because you are looking for that option, however, I feel someting comes to you or is presented that is a little different than what you were looking for, yet, proves to be very fruitful if this opportunity is taken! I continue to see the letter "T" and snse a male energy when it comes to helping make this happen. Continue to encourage your husband..he may feel a bit embarassed..humbled..or as if he failed somehow..and I can understand tend to want to provide and his self esteem may be affected. This is kind of silly, yet, I was hearing "tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree" around your hubby..let me know fi tha makes sense! Blessings Nanci

10-06-09 update "Oh Nancy, This could be the pitts. Marie again! My husband and I have been saving for a house for several years. The house we r renting is my sisters and her partners name is Tom. A rent to lease option could mean we just stay here and the T could be him and he is the one that could help it along. It is exactly what I dont want. I really do not belong here. I would really like to be free of all the stress that surrounds me living here. Family, kids, job, distance required to travel to get any where. I have been patient for a long time and I just need change. thanks for your input. M."

Ahhh I understand that big "T" now! I understand why you feel stuck..and now that i can make sense of this "T" i am able to see past it..and feel positive, still, that you and your husband will transform this into something better! Can you hold on until the holidays are just over? it really feels as if as things warm up ne wopportunity presents may be this home with the "old oak tree!"


9-21-09 Dear Nanci,

I am a 23 year old female and I have this strong feeling I should be pursuing a certain career/activity, but I just can't seem to understand what it is. I feel the universe wants me to carry on a certain task in this life, job/work/career wise perhaps, and it scares me not to be able to find the path that is meant for me.

Could you help me with this? Thank-you!

Hello Isabel

As you look back on your life you may find as you began listening to your own inner wisdom, you began this quest to create a path that is unique to you..and down the road you will look back and see this was an important ingredient and part of the process. I feel you are already doing it; working your way to finding what resonates with your spirit. Many people, it seems,do not even take the time to ask themselves this question, at such a young age! It may feel as if nothing is happening or if it just is not quickly enough, yet, I sense you will be utilizing your creative energy and combining it to connect with others, while, somehow, empowering..teaching.. & guiding them. Continue to connect with people, right now, and situations that "feel right". I continue to sense that what you are walking through , now, seems to be the "feeling phase". You can trust this process and know it is leading you in the right direction (as you are creating this with your intention)..part of building the foundation is continuing to trust your "inner guidance" and , at thsi time, the guidance is coming in the form of :feelings". As you begin to wittness stepping stones begin to manifest in direct relation to trustign your inner guidance/feelings, I am sensing a more practical phase follows such as dealing with paperwork, concrete plans/interviews.applications ect. I am getting glimpses of a group of younger children and sensing you may find a passion for working with this age group..I hope this little bit helps,blessings, Nanci

9-09-09 Dear Nanci,
I'm getting married in a few months to the only boy that's ever made me hyperventilate. I love him more than anything in the world and when he asked me to marry him it was the happiest day of my life. I recently found out he cheated on me a few weeks after we decided to be committed to only eachother. Now my trust is completely shattered and even though it was some time ago I'm so afraid he's not the person I thought he was. My question to you is, do you see me having a happy marriage? Will we last? Will we have children? or adopt?

"Now my trust is completely shattered and even though it was some time ago I'm so afraid he's not the person I thought he was. My question to you is, do you see me having a happy marriage?"
Dear Friend..I feel you were speaking from your true self (without all the hopes of the life you would have with him overshadowing your focus). Please, look at what you typed.
It is impossible for me to even think about someone bringing children into a marraige that has no trust. i worked as a child advocate for years and my heart breaks at the thought of children being brought into a life of a trustless marraige..
I worry for the children too! I cannot even begin to answer the questions posed to me ..if there is no seems like false hope to say anything else except to suggest therapy NOW before you even consider marrying!
I want you to be empowered to make your own choices. if you go to counceling..if you learn to trust again there may be hope.

I know it is extrememly painful to believe he did this and if I have learned anything form working with thousands of people and being a social worker; peoples patterns and intentions do not change. it seems they can be managed with extreme intervention and work . I also believe going into a marraige being fearful is treading on shakey very sure ..because it would hurt more later to totally committ yourself..have children and then have it fall apart!
Be strong and not be afraid of what you feel the truth is..there are always new beginnings and new opportunities for us. Perhaps one option would be to wait until you have built trust again. Broken hearts heal..
I have been there..I know! The choice is yours! Choose wisely, blessings, Nanci

9-06-09 Dear nanci i dont know if you can help me as i dont have a lot of money but i think i may have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle you see i recently consulted with four different pyschics that have all sadi different things one said that yesterday i was going to win seventy thousand pounds and it never happened and another said it will be a couple of millions but then changed it to the 12th of this month and then it will happen again on the 21st of this month and then again on the 8th of next month but accoreding to another it will be on the 2nd ofnext month they also said that a family memeber will walk back into my life then it quickly changed to an old friend, they also said that i would make an aqauintance which will ehlp me get my dream job as a major hollywood film actress and that i will find loe with a bloke i am in love with called jensen ackles, and that i will take a beautiful holiday with friends and family, and i have paid two of them to continue with the work but they are refusing to contact me now, and it is really upsetting me because this is all i have ever wanted and its scaring me that it is slowly slipping away from me an i am helpless to anything about it as i have no one to turn to to and not a lot of money, but i really need to know will i become a major hollywood actress will i win the british lotto and how much will i get with jensen, will i move to los angeles and where is this holiday going to be will it be a family memeber or old friend and when is it all going to happen, i hope you find it in your heart to help me, thank you, m

Hellos! Thank you for writing M. Right now, it is important to realize you are projecting a desparate energy to these other, many,readers.

It seems you have chosen people who feed off of that because they see an opportunity to make money. Please consider not paying any mor emoney out to anyone and take some time to breathe and just sit with life, in the moment. Going to a 'few" readers at a time is going to scatter you,even more! When you begin to feel desparate and want things to happen quicker resist the urge to seek out another person to give you that instant gratification..Pull back into your own space..sit with reality...breathe..I am just saying this because you have a wonderful sense of wisdom within you that I feel can be used to help you focus and sense and feel your own direction. It would be ideal for you to be empowered to create the life you want by actively taking steps to acheive those goals within your own life! I have to be honest and say it feels as if it will not help you to offer any insight right now, because, you have all of these ideas and insights from others, still, to sort out...decide what feels right to you..take a deep breath..slow down..look at the reality of your life and decide how you want to change it! At that point we can look in a balanced and realisitc way at the wonderful choices that may lay before you!
Please write me after it has been a month or so since you have consulted many others I can see just you..and your intentions, rather than try and sift through all of the energies you have invited into your space. I provide free readings, yet, if reading someone means a couple of hours of sifting through other readers' (many of them) gets to be draining, at times...I would like to meet you when I can work one on one with you, in a clear light, once have allowed the other energies to wash away! Let me know! Blessings


8-22-09 Dear Sacred Garden Psychic. I imagine you get tons of letters about LOST PETS but I have to try because so many other sites want me to pay and I JUST want any information you can see (feel) about TIGGER! Othello came home like you said within 3 days but TIGGER is still gone, so please if you can! Audrey

8-23-09 Dear Audrey. it can be heartwrenching reading all of the letters I receive, regarding animals that are missing from home! I have experienced this last year when two of the cats we had for 10 years wandered away after we moved with them to a new home! It is difficult to have to pick and choose when I can offer insights to Someone, yet, Iwas drawn to your family and seemed to tune in well so i will give it a go again. remember; I may not understand everything I see come through, yet, i trust what spirit inspires me to share here we go :)

The first thing I "see" when I tune into the energies around your family and Tigger is a sense of a NEW shop, not far from you. I sense it is within a mile. I hear "floral". is Tigger balck and white blotches? The name seems to imply he may be striped, yet, i see black and white blotches..let me knwo so i can proceed. thanks!

8-23-09Dear Nanci. YES Black and white spots! I am waiting..what happens next?? There are a few new businesses openign up in what does a flower shop mean?

8-24-09 Hi Audrey! Ok fantastic..I am happy it is Tigger I am seeing feeling. Ok I continue to see the word "floral" and see fresh green paint on the outside. It smells and feels like an older building with two big front windows. These new owners seem to think they have found a stray and are feeding him/her. I am sensing Tigger is out to find mates..havign them spade neutered may help this in the future! I sense strongly your baby is very healthy..perky..doing well and I am not an animal behavior expert so i do not understand why the delay, yet, if you do not actively search and find Tigger I sense he/she will be home within 6-9 days . I would enclourage actively looking, however, because that outsaide world has many dangers lurking for our pets! You must have afemale visitor expected coming from out of the area, because I see Tigger safe at home after their little adventure and hanging out in the guest room with your visitor! Blessings and keep me posted! Sacred garden Psychic


Dear Sacred Garden Psychic

8-14-09 Please tell me what you see for the future of my relationship. Everything looks very foggy and I am not seeing straight. he says he loves me but i question it. namaste, Maria D. (bithdays withheld for privacy)

Hi Maria! Thank you for writing. As I focussed on your energy and that of your partner, I received a very strong sense that he is speaking from his heart and , truly, feels deep love for you! In fact, he adores you and may have used those very words! The issue here, seems to be; because of something that happened to you in the last few months, that directly affected your self esteem, you are having a hard time believing he could possibly still love or want you! I sense a change or even loss of a job and a threat of losing your home environment. I can understand how this would affect your self esteem and energy levels! I sense 2 youngsters around you, so, i feel the added responsibility of feeling you are letting them down intensifies these feelings you experience of "not being worthy"!

Let me offer encouragement to you to remember a time when you made it through a similar situation several years ago. Your spirit and focus kicked in and you did what you had to to keep your head above water! You may tap into that strength and focus, again! Now, the difference is; You have a strong devoted man, whom loves you, to support you and stand by your side!

Allow him to love you! Allow him to cuddle ..he does not love you for how much money you make or how clean your house is! Remember what brought you together in the first place? Return to that source..reflect on the times you made eachother laugh. he may be the anchor you need right now to begin rebuilding. You may have felt you lost something so will lose him anyways, yet, this is not true! He is in this fro the long haul..believe it!

Blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic

HI MY NAME IS N.T. please help i think im in love with my friends boyfriend his name is L. i dont know what will come of this please help in really scared

Dear N.T. I do not see a reason to be "scared". You are in controll of your choices and if you think this through and realize what could be lost, I would like to think you will make the right choice! Living with yourself and your choices is so important in life; if she is, truely ,your best friend you can stand back and take a deep breath
and realize whatever it is you feel for her bf, its best to leave it alone. If he is with her, it is honorable for you to love and respect her as your best friend and repect her relationsip with this man.. I know you must, also, love your best friend, right? Friends..especially best friends, can stay that way for a passing through (which I feel he is at this point) do not. Please think twice..I feel if you tried to take him he would end up not respecting you in the end and you would lose your best freind and him. Slow down and think :) I feel you have much creative energy and without a way to channell it you begin to create drama to keep yourself occupied. Find something new and healthy to do with your wonderful mother lode of energy! Blessings, SGP

7-09 Dear Nanci (sacred garden psychic)

I am Ingrid and have written to you in the past. I am sending my heartfelt thanks for making me see that spells are not a threat to me and my sister. We raised fearing spells and curses and now I know if we do not worry or give them fear they have no power. My sister is starting to believe it too. We have saved monies too because we handle it ourselves and no longer need to pay the woman to save us from the spells. I consider your honesty a hearty blessing. Do you see when my sister will stop her worry? Erinn 9-14. Thank you.

Hi Ingrid! I am so happy to hear you and your family are realizing we have the ability to attract love and light into our lives and do not have to let fear stand in the way of a balanced and peaceful life! It is awesome to witness you becoming empowered and not letting fear pave the way for your decisions in life. I feel the person you were paying to "remove spells" was playing on your fears. Now you are able to release that fear and with simple prayer and connection with your guides are able to empower yourself and other family members to feel more in controll of your own lives. How does it feel to be empowered? Isn't the sense of freedom wonderful? Beware of anyone asking you to give money to release you from curse or spell! The light and love of God is available to us all and we are free to draw on it any time we need or want to. I do feel Erinn is learning from your example and will become stronger in her belief that noone has the power to cast spells on her or anyone else. I am so happy you enjoyed using the sacred palo santos wood as a tangible way of inviting love and light into your home and life. Good job! Keep me posted! Blessings, Nanci

( Dear SGP)we are having money problems causing relationship problems do you see it getting better have paid for readings spells no results but true believer so looking for right connection

C..Hellos and thank you for writing. Please come to the next free readings, as I will be scheduling them soon, after I complete my move to a new home,. I drop in often, too, to do readings spontaniously. Please do not pay for spells! Having the intention of making something work and working towards that goal is a wonderful way to manifest it..and it is free! You and your man have so much creative energy ad the tools to make changes! Focus on what you have now and expanding it..I sense you have begun something, already, that will work great for you! Perhpas you will be able to see if you feel connected when I give free readings in the chatroom, hope to talk soon, blessings, Nanci
Dear nanci..Thanks for your reply cant wait for a reading I hope you mean the love expanding not the fighting, and your right have started lighting candles and doing my own lil spells or prayers, tell you though starting to feel connection how much is a email reading when less broke will get one for sure around 1st Bless you for your help

Dear C..Please, come to free readings, which will be scheduled in the next
couple of days. This will allow you to see if you feel connected with me. The readings are offered in my chatroom and I pull names from the room list. :)

I am not asking you for money or to obligate to order a reading..just focus energy on maintaining peace and balance within your home, and the blessings will begin to flow in for you! celebrate each and any, even tiny, blessing! it may be a plant you thought was dead, suddenly blooming! There are many little beautiful signs of love and abundance around you ;I can feel it! You are bringing that into your life..please do not pay anyone to do this for you! Blessings, Nanci


6-08 Dear Sacred garden psychic, I need to know if my freind knows she was murdered? is she ok? Does she blame me?

Dear Jean Anne.. i want to share what came through from your freind without any edits, blessings, Sacred garden Psychic "Everything that has happened on the earth plane is forgiven and understood with a deep wisdom..I would have you forget what has passed and open to the love we have as freinds, still! Of course I know what was all part of plan and I have forgiven my intruders..Rememeber the little dive we used to eat at? Rememeber the fun and the trust and the love..there is an overwhelming sense of joy and peace in my new life!..the veil of skin that separates us is so thin..I am still a part of your life..if you let me be! Your gift for music ought to be kept alive! Do you feel guilty because it was me and not you? do you feel as if you cannot have fun with anyone the way we did? You can! look at the people around you who love you! I am just around the corner..I am on vacation I am enjoying and want you to tooooo!!!...<smile> we will get together again down the road..have fun now! enjoy your life to the fullest..i did mine! your man needs ALL of you girl..come on..
Pretty in pink..rememebr those big ugly shoes i wore LOL see i love that, your friend forever
Ok....ill tell you..somehow that day..i knew something was about to change..i had a feeling..and somehow i accpeted it and knew it would all be ok..and it is..thank you for your love"

Hello well my question is are we going to get back together and fall in true love? I was with this women for 7 of the best months of my life until she broked my heart in November 2007. Now she got involved with someone else but she broked up with him, she is keeping him as a friend with benefits as I read from your website. She stopped talking to me on february because that's when the new guy asked her out, then out of now where she called me on feb. 25. She told me she broke up with him because she was not ready to be with him, I have strong feelings for her. So we talked for 4 hours just catching up on things, the other day's we only talked on the computer IMing each other. Man I miss and love her. Just to let you know she called me I did not call her, We are still friends because she said she will be there for me and I said the same. Will that friendship lead to real love? What is going to happen with the other guy? Here is an old picture of us. Thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon. Bye.

Hi c! Thank you for your heart touching letter.

I feel this beautiful young girl is restless and has lots of creative energy and confused about how to channel it, at times, so she is using it to create these relationshisp and dramas. It is normal human response;nothign bad..she is a beautiful creative young woman! I can sense she gathers strength from you and you are like an anchor to her in her life. I feel she may not really appreciate all you have to give or even all she has to offer, herself, because she is searching outwardly for peace and balance (rather than inwardly) and really is still learning how to be in the moment and appeciate what is right in front of her. I am not judging her whatsoever! I myself and many of us go thru this! I cannot offer false hope and say she will wake up over night to see you for who you are! I feel remaining freinds with her may be joyful, yet, painful at times because you will experience her making decisons that involve other guys. She feels very restless and does not even know what she wants! I can tell you I had a freind like you and was very much like this girl at one time, in a certian way, and ended up being with th e friend because i realized he was the one there all along who loved me! I am not saying she will do the same..I do not get a clear picture about what she will do as far as you, I think it is becuase she is so indecisive herself! Just be sure to take care of you! I feel badly for what I put this young man thru when i was confused like her, yet, I didnt realize the depth of his love because I was too busy running from myself! Just go day by day and keep your eyes open, you are precious to her, I can feel that and that in itself is a blessing for both of you! Blessings, nanci

2-08 dear sacred garden psychic
Thank you for the free reading in your chatroom. I never believed much in readings or paranormal stuff, yet, when you saw the spirit in my house, how it came to me and told me things about it only I knew I became a bealiver. Thought I was going crazy and realized it was time to open my mind to other possibilities. I did as you suggested and talked to the little guy encouraging him to go to the light. It has been alot quieter here now and peaceful so thanks to you. Guess what? I looked into the properties history and there was an indian settelmenent right here like you saw and they were killed and now i believe this little boy is with his family and realizes he had passed over! Thank you, again, J. Franco

Hi j! Thank you for writing and sharing your story. It is an awesome feeling knowing he is safe (or i feel he is) with his mama again. Thank you for taking part in helping, blessings, SGP

11-07 Dear Scared Garden Psychic,
My name is Kelley and the man I love name is R.
Is he really sincere that he is moving here soon? How long do I have to wait? Thanks KB

Hi Kelley
As I conduct this reading I receive a strong sense that the man you are asking about is, already, in a committed relationship! I , honestly, feel he intends on staying in this committed relationship he is in and hopes you will be there when he feels he is not satisfied in his marraige he is able to continue to connect with you! If he did decide to leave the marraige, I see it would not be for several years down the road, as, there is a child involved and he will not take the chance of losing acess to loving his child! You must make your own choices, so , knowing you are not his first priority, right now, you are impowered to choose what works best for you! There is another guy in the bleachers waiting for you! Isee light hair and someone who is head over heels and would totally committ! Are you aware of this guy? I see his name begins with D (may be his last name). Be well and I hope this helps! Sacred garden Psychic


angels ania

Dear sacred garden psychic
The reason I write is because my man, Horast, and me, Lilly, have been living apart since last December of 2006. He has gone to counseling and AA and he seems very much healthier now with his mind and spirit!
Is it time to bring him home now? Please will you keep my birthday separate from my inquiry! Thank you! LL

Dear Lilly, thank you for writing. As I conduct this reading and tune into the energies and situation around you, I gather, very strongly, that you have already made up your mind that you want to bring H home and I feel he is ready to take on this relationship and his place in it with a new found passion. I get a sense there is a daughter involved and, overall, your little family will heal. I do feel strongly that it is important to set a condition on his permanently moving back home; to continue to attend his support sessions and it would be wonderful if you and your family could also be a part of the sessions to learn about co- dependant behavior and be able to help all of you heal and understand the dynamics involved in your healing and strengthening as a family. I sense this has been an ongoing struggle for the last 3-4 years. It feels as if the holidays will be the warmest and most fun filled you have enjoyed in several years, as a family! I continue to see a new pet for the family, a dog to be exact. It seems to add some life and fun to the household, also! I support the relationship and see and feel how he has truly made strives in his life! Blessings and keep us posted! Sacred Garden Psychic

7/19 Hi Sacred Garden Psychic! This is for Darryl and I Austin. I am male and so is he. He wanted me to move in with him but since he found out my friend Francesca is having a baby he freaked out and thinks it is mine!!! We are roommates yet I am gay and have never been with a woman in that way! I miss him terribly and I want him back. What do I need to do? Thanks! Thanks and God Bless!

Hi Austin! As I conduct this reading I sense . very strongly, that Daryl knows this child is not yours! I see an older family member that he feels does not accept him being a person who is gay and began feeling fearful of the repercussions of letting another man move in! There is a powerful time In November for Daryl where he will make the empowering choice to step into the light and be true to his self and honor his path, no matter what anyone thinks! he will experience such an awesome sense of freedom as a result!. I do feel you and he have a bond and connection that will last years and years, as far as I can see! I see the number 5 and feel he will be calling you or texting you to set a meeting place. There is somewhere you meet about 2/3 of the way to his place with a red and white awning..there is an outside sitting area and for some reason I smell you drink mint tea? Expect him to call! Your female friend will be moving after she has the baby, after all, yet ,you can expect to have a new roommate! ;) Blessings Sacred Garden Psychic


4-23-07 My name is S (birthdate: 8/24/ and I was wondering what you could tell me about my relationship with J (birthdate: 6/25)? Is this something I should pursue or will there be someone else for me? Is J in love with me?

Hello S! Your energy is delightful and I am honored to have been asked
to read for you! Just to add to the essence, I have included a couple of
general compatibility reports after my Intuitive insights. Some people like a
variety of both! As I tune into you and J the sense that I get is you two will
spend more time together and have some very close encounters especially as
far as heart to heart talks. I also get the sense there will be a point a few
months down the road where you feel things are at a kind of if
you feel yourself wanting to see more progress..yet with patience, I feel and
see J will finally adhere to and understand your needs and make an effort
to give more or shift his ways a bit, out of caring for you. Through all of
this, I still see another man coming into the picture..someone with lighter
hair and you seem to have two men to weigh pros and cons with and choose
from! This will happen in first week of August, I feel!
I also see a younger male and am hearing the word "son" around you, so, if
you do not have a son this other man will. I get a sense this "son" and you
make a clearer connection and draw near to each other this October..something
seems to connect you or bring you closer. I am also hearing the name "Andy or
"Andrew". This can be in any area of your life, yet, the word feels
significant and positive, so just make a note of it! If you come across or know an
Andrew or Andy (Andrea?) somehow they will play a significant role this fall, in
your life! Do you drive a black or dark blue vehicle..because I continue to
see one around you and feel encouraged to offer insight to check underneath
this vehicle before a trip of an hour or more! Whether it is yours or a is nothing bad..just a feeling to check underneath for something
rattling. After October there feels to be a money issue resolved after one more
pressing detail is attended may be after the first of the year before the
money touches your hands..yet I feel it will be do not fret! I
hope this information is helpful...I feel J is someone to stay connected with
as there is mutual learning and exchange to take place and a sense of
healing also! Blessings, Nanci

4-23-07 Nanci:

I just had to get back to you with some feedback! Andrew is my son! We are
very close, as his father passed on two years ago. But we have always been
close, even before that. I don't see how we could draw nearer or closer to
each other. Is there going to be some significant event in October that
achieves this?



Oh awsome! I was asking myself that as I was typing it and imagined you might ask what it could be..I just see energy and light and saw a sense of healing and bonding that seems to surpass the present situation! Oh wow..may I ask your husbands first name and b day? My specialty is those whom have crossed over..I mean those seem to come thru clearly, most of the time, so I would love to know if anything I saw or might see is related to your husband! You are blessed to have such a wonderful connection with your son! Blessings, Nanci
(It is awsome that Andrews name came through without us ever talking)

To: Nanci Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 4:52 PM
Subject: Re: Help to find our lost cat

Hi Nanci

My oldest daughter come across your website, she said that she has also sent you and e-mail but could not attach any pictures, I would very much appreciate any help you could give. We here are also praying that our very much loved cat Jacob returns home safely.

Jacob is an indoor/outdoor cat, he weighs 17 pounds, he is a Maine coon mix, grey long haired tabby colour. Jacob is 8 year old male (neutered). We also took in a stray a couple of years ago. Jacob has been fine with him being around. Jacob never wonders far from the property and doesn't go anywhere near the road, he is afraid of the traffic.
We have walked in the back fields for hours calling his name and we have put up posters.

Can you help us pray for his safe return?

Can you see where he might be, to point us in the right direction to finding him.

Janine & family


To Janine & family

Hellos and thank you for writing! Jacob reminds me of our Cat, choo choo, he is so beautiful. The first thing I felt and saw was an area of brush back and to the slight right of your house. So if you were to stand in back of your house (or side of house where there is nature or brush) and walk straight and slightly to the right..I was hearing a small amount of water trickeling..smelling wetness and also..some sort of smell that seemed unusual I mean, perhaps like excessive mold or water runoff..just some kind of unusual smell if there is a plant or dump or something down wind that has a smell that works its way to the area or an old bag of garbage near him..I am sorry to use those words! I kept seeing a stump of a tree that an animal could fit into or climb under..and low brush where it felt his body is low to the ground and he may be stuck under this prickly low brush. There have been so many earth changes that I feel somehow are affecting animals everywhere! Sooo many people long time animals are dissapearing for days or displaying unusual the hair on his tail and back long because it feel he may be stuck on his back/tail area. I feel slight irritation in the middle of my back and feel this may be due to something scraping on his back. He may be a little dehydrated and not meowing loudly. I will pray for you and your baby..I do feel he is within a half a mile..Please let me know. For some reason I am being shown an older lady in a house within walking range that may end up seeing or hearing there an older lady who lives on a corner house.I saw a cat with orange on it walk near Jacob..could there be another cat that may lead you to him if you follow..

Dear Nanci:

Thank you for your help, as soon as i read your e-mail we rushed out to once again look, unfortunately we still have not found him. Is there anything else around him you might see, any distinctive buildings? We also have a black short hair stray cat that i took in a couple of years ago, yesterday we saw him running with an orange cat, but didn't pay much attention to them, other then my youngest daughter saying "look joey has a girlfriend". but i didn't see them. At the front of our house is the road, across the road and to the right is an old barn, there is a stream running through there, in the summer we did get that lovely manure smell. The barn is now no longer in use. I know our stray cat does go over there, I don't know where the orange cat came from we have never seen that one before, but Jacob is afraid of the road. Can you see or sense anything else?
We are so worried about him.

Thank you

Janine & family


Dear Janine & family

Can you check the area near the barn and water? even though he is afraid of the road perhaps he followed the orange cat over there at one time then was afraid of coming back..I saw an orange it makes me wonder..can you check over there? Like I said unusual things are happening with animals lately..and if this orange cat sudddenly showed up and I was shown him, perhaps he is a key in this!


Dear Nanci

I would really like to thank you, I sent my other half across the road with a flash light 15 minutes before he left for work as he works midnights, as even myself something was telling me to check across the road, my head was telling me to check and my heart was telling me he wouldn't have crossed the road. Anyway long story made short, he came walking back with Jacob in his arms. I can't even express how much i appreciate all your help. Thank you so very much.

From Janine, John, Chelsie & Katlyne


Hi Janine and Family. We are so happy Jacob is home! We are animal lovers and know they are a part of the family. I wanted to ask your permission to use jacobs picture and story on my webpage. If not I understand, yet, I like to ask permission first. It would be awsome to share the celebration! Blessings, Nanci
Is Jacob ok?

Hi Nanci

Just wanted to let you know he was across the road at the old abandoned barn, he is great, no cuts or anything. I
have attached a picture of him, last night when we were going to bed.

Jacob's first night home after being lost for 3 days, look at him
all snuggled into the pillow safe and sound.

Thank you once again for all your help, and please go ahead and use the pictures and story for your website.
You went out of your way to help us. So Thank you once again.

Janine, John, Chelsie & Katlyne


2/28/2007 Dear sacred garden psychic
nanci was so right when she saw a man with Y and M in name as i have met him this last month! my understanding is nanci writes sacred garden psychic also so i hope i can let her know the white car DID HAVE A BACK end problem and we got it fixed before our trip!!! I have told my mom about this site because she loves meeting those that are for real. Please can you see what my next trip will be like? Will I have someone with me this time? thanks adena
Dearest Adena , Thank you, very much, for the validation! Yes Nanci (myself) does write this article; It is just another way for me to offer free services to hopefully reach out to those who may enjoy being offered insights, in this way. I do see another road trip in APRIL and you look to be accompanied by a female with the first initial in her name being "i". There seems to be a male presence you expect to be there once you arrive who is not immediately present as if there is some sort of delay, yet, he does make it there. I also sense you will want to stay 3-4 days longer than expected, not that you have to, yet, perhaps keep a few extra days available for some spontanious fun! let me know how it goes and I am thrilled you were able to fix your vehicle before your trip! That makes this all worth while! Blessings SGP


Dearest Maggie,
Thank you for writing. I have reflected on the energies surrounding you and the man you have inquired about, over the last few days. The first sense I receive is that Dan is a passionate, kind and caring man. He gave his heart, totally, to someone in the past where love had blinded him and he ended up feeling betrayed and misunderstood. This was, also, a opportunity for him to seek out someone whom he is more compatable with and who appreciates his true and kind spirit!
I sense he feels intreague for you, yet, is taking slow gentle steps.
Once he is sure all is safe and he can trust someone deeply; he will act quickly and with much passion!
Allthough you did not include his birthday, I can, still, feel the energy and intention surrounding and within him!
I will say I feel comfortable encouraging you to keep the door opened with him and , also, since he is not , yet, ready to fully commit and is keeping his options open, for you to do the same!
I feel you meet 2 other men before next April that show interest and Dan will, also, show more interest by then. It may feel as if this is a short dry spell where you have extended much energy and hope and are watching to see when it will come to is happening now! I am sensing you spend nice holidays with a man you feel very cozy with and begin to make some beautiful memories with. I see one man you meet , actully, having part in you meeting someone else around him that you click with! So things will be picking up, romantically in November.
November 2nd and 12th seem significant for you! I also sense a female who was in your past, more often, and whom lives at a distance reconnecting with you, or, you two visitng with eachother. This holiday season feels charming and filled with wonderful memories. I hope this helps, blessings Sacred Garden Psychic


My name is Shar. I'm not sure whether you give a
free reading conducted in this manner at all but I
seriously need your advice & would be so grateful if
you would consider helping me.
I've been with my partner for 6 years but now find
myself very attracted to another man who is such a
lovely person that I may be falling in love with him.
I feel bad because of my partner but I cant control
the feelings I have. I'm not sure whether this man
knows how I feel or whether he feels it too -although
when we look at eachother I think we both feel the
attraction!! Do you see us together at all? His name
is D & his birthdate is: 29 September 1966
My birthdate is: 1 July 1971

Thanks for listening Nanci, I hope to hear back from
you so that I can have some clarity on the situation.
(it's starting to drive me crazy!!)

Kind regards

Hello Shar! Thank you for writing! I am always honored to share in others lives in the most positive way I can. As I conduct this reading and focus on all of the energies encircling all of you, a few things come to light! The very first thing I sense is you are in a very creative cycle in your life where you may find yourself wanting to step out of the box, try new things, create beauty from that place of deep passion and wisdom within you! I can understand, when I see this cycle you are moving through, why this attraction and appeal is falling over you and moving within you so strongly! I feel D is just on the verge of wanting change in his life, however, I am sensing he may require some time before he is ready or able to commit to anyone..It is as if he is looking and fantisizing, yet, a bit hesitant. I feel your current partner may not be totally aware of some of the spontanious needs you experience, and, theres a sense of restlessness around you as you seek to fufill some of these needs and desires. I do feel there is an opportunity for you and D to get to know eachother..I just also sense you remaining with or going back to being with the present partner..There is a feeling about D traveling or moving or going through a change of environment over the next 2-3 mos that may have to do with work. Follow your heart; if your heart says to keep your options open, then do so! There is definately a strong indication of you creating change and balance in your life over the next 8 mos utilizing that awsome creative energy you have been blessed with! I am sensing teaching around you. have you ever considered teaching? Blessings, sgp


Hi Sacred Psychic. My initials are C. F. Please keep my birthday and details of my man private. Thank you! I am i the public eye and want this to be as confidential as possible. F. & I have been "seeing eachother" For 12 months, now. I suspect there are changes brewing as I notice his behavior is distant over the last 2 months. Any ideas or visions you can tell me will be well received and looked forward to! Thank you, Namaste

Hi C. I appreciate you writing. As soon as I read your name and birthdays I saw that F. was struggling with a decision to work in another area, geographically. I feel he shared this opportunity with you, yet, he may not be telling you what deep affect this is having on him! F. wants to appear to "have it all together", as many of us do, at times, even when things feel as if they are falling down around us! He has such great love and respect for you and may have suggested recently he wishes you would slow down a is out of him caring for you that he does want to support you in all you do and not "burden" you with this decision that seems to be knawing at him. The wonderful thing here is; if you ask him about this and he is open to telling you his feelings about this; you will find you two are feeling very similar right now, regarding work, and it could be a great bonding experince! I do feel strongly that F. will feel a strong pull to stay in the area. I am being shown there is, actually, an opportunity coming up in November for you two to work closely together! Try not and worry about his seemingly "distant" behavior, as I sense you two will have a wonderful opportunity to share your feelings and have some quiet time between the 14th and 17th, if not sooner, of this month! This looks very nice from where I sit. I feel encouraged to let you know that if there is a legal matter arising at work for a co-worker close to you, not to worry! It seems to dissolve before it even gets started! I hope this is helpful. Blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic

I wanted to know was about this guy.. well there is this guy that ive been noticing and he comes to my work now and thenbut also ive been seen him at school more and more. anywho ive found myself to be very VERY attractive to this guy. The reason to why im asking about him is that well actually ive never came across around someone that made me feel the way he does when I see him. I just want to hid… and my heart just starts beating faster and fasert or my stomach will start feeling like I got hit. I don't know whats going on. And I really do hope its not just me. Even my co-workers say that he blushes when he's around me but I don't notice it. Im too shy myself. So my question is, is there/ or will there be anything there between me and him? he's a little bit older than i am. His name is N. his b-day is 01-07 and my name is T. , b-day is on 02-24. I really don't know how to describe the feeling to you. And I really do hope its not just me! Help!

Lol thank you so much again for actually remembering and e-mailing me back I really do appreciated more than you know of!


Dear T., Thank you for writing! I feel this young man does experience feelings and nervousness and attraction for you! I am picking up a slight feeling of a girl in his recent past (a year or so) that may have given him a cold shoulder and he may be a little hesitant about revealing his desire or feelings! Just for the fun of it i will include a compatability chart for you!

Born: Feb 24, 1987 in relationship with La
Born: Jan 7, 1983

Part 1. How you approach relationships in general

Strengths You manage to cram many lifetimes into one, for it seems like you're always being reborn and starting life over again. Others may have a hard time keeping up with your changes. You do well in face-to-face and gut-level situations that would exhaust most people. You really come into your own when the going gets tough or when it's time to "get down" and face facts. Good leadership potential for emergency situations
People just naturally love you, perhaps because they sense that you really care for them too. This amounts to more than just a minor talent. You have lots of friends, and many relationships. You're just fun to be around. You may hang out with artistic types, or be one yourself. The feminine, in all of its aspects: fashion, beauty, style, etc., is your cup of tea. You love people and working with the public.
You are enchanting, and can transport a group of people with your mesmerizing words, action, or music. Through you, others catch a glimpse of a world more unified than the one they find themselves in, and hear from you of the life they know exists beyond the mundane. Once under your spell, you could motivate them to do almost anything. You owe much to your upbringing, which tolerated and gave support to your dreamier side. You can be very compassionate, and understand the feminine side of life.
Very sensitive areas of conversation that might intimidate most (taboo subjects, etc.) don't bother you at all. You always persevere and keep right on investigating. You are expert at getting straight to the heart of things, and would make a super sleuth, or researcher. The deeper a secret is buried, the more likely it is that you will turn it up. And when it comes to money, sex, and other highly charged issues, pity anyone who tries to manipulate you. That's your bailiwick, and there are very few who can stand to argue with you.
You have a real drive to discover or invent things. You are always pushing the envelope, going the limit. You know it is at the leading edge where all the real breaks occur. You are fascinated by what is happening in technology and communications. Others find you original and nonconventional, especially in your love life. You have your own very original idea of love, emotions, and marriage. You march to a different drummer when it comes to relationships.
You are, from time to time, really inspired to the point of moving others with your enthusiasms. You exercise an almost hypnotic quality over those who listen in when your imagination takes over. Dreams, psychology, and all things occult and metaphysical are your especial province. You're never afraid to take the plunge when matters of idealism or imagination come to the fore. You feel and experience the unity of life -- that we are all in some way, one. Others sense this about you.

A history of insecurity, possibly fear of confrontation and of getting to the heart of things. Competitive to the point of power struggles. Frequent blow-ups. Things tend to build up to the point where you go through some big transformation and start over. Your attempts to control relationships end with your feeling rejected. A very understanding, psychologically oriented partner is in order.

Part 2. How you relate to La

You understand how He feels, and you find it is easy to cheer him up and generally facilitate him emotionally. He is very supportive, even protective of you. This is a healthy relationship.
This could be a real working relationship. La has an organizing effect on you, and brings discipline and good sense to any project the two of you engage in. Although somewhat cool and conservative, this has every sign of being a very durable relationship.
You are always 100% behind La. You would make a great campaign manager, and this could also be a good business partnership. You can't help but be supportive of his needs, and He feels that He can always count on you.
You just love La, perhaps from the very start, and He knows it. You value him just as He is. He dotes on being the object of your affections. This is a very nice combination.
Lovebirds! There is real mutual admiration between the two of you, and you work well together. This would hold true of a business as well as a love relationship. Essentially this is due to a sense of shared ideals and values. You appreciate the very same things in life.
The two of you may have a strong interest in the arts, music, and film. This could be a business relationship. Your emotional rapport may have an almost otherworldly quality about it. You could be a very moving force as a team when it comes to matters pertaining to the imagination, psychology, metaphysics, etc.
I hope this helps! Blessings sgp

Hello someone has given me a astroligy reading but i think it could be a scam.I would like so much for my life to alter for the better,am i only dreaming?May 06 1951 thank you r.

Hi R.! I am a true believer that we can manifest change in our lives when we want to(this begins with our thoughts, dreams, visons, goals!) may take longer than we hope for tho (often true) :).I see you as having all of the tools and creativity to make your life what you want it to be.I do sense there is not a strong support network in place to support your visions,yet, I feel this is just in part because you may decide you would rather not let people see you are struggling and, may, at times not want to ask for help or support, yet, regardless of this; I feel once you begin to take steps towards your goal..and not let others interpretation of your decisions sway you, whatsoever you will find you are accomplishing more and more towards your goals in life... I am seeing that in May you began a new cycle..a time of reassessing your life and asking yourself..what is it i truely want and need? Who in my life supports those goals and visions? what kind of people or relationships are worth investing my time in..ect ect. This is a good thing; a nice process because you will find yourself making clearer choices and experienced choices about what kinds of healthy things to invest your time into..this is one of the keys to rebuilding a strong foundation! Over the next 3-5 mos I feel because you are stepping out and taking little chances and healthy risks (no matter what anyone might say..people tend to be fearful of change so do not let their fears stop you!) You will find a few things you begin to feel passionate about. I feel two of them are is a creative venture..and the other will bring some money in..the good thing is activating that wonderful creative energy of as many healthy ways as possible seems to create a flow of doors opening..
and the key here is..tapping into something that you have a passion and love for! ( I am actually seeing you help others..rebuild their lives if that makes sense ind in return you are blessed) This is about new beginnings..I am also hearing to encourage you to not dwell on the past..things you may view or others may view as "losses" do not hold weight any longer! so let them go! They no longer own you and you no longer own them! These things will eventually transform into new bright beginnings..even if you do not understand why they happend right now..I keep seeing a female with the letter S in her there a sharon or sherry around you? you know a ralph? unusual name but I am hearing it so I have to say what I hear. You share a common trait and talent with a grandfather/great grandfather and I feel them connected to you a support..tap into your creative energy..if you love listening to music while you do things..listen to music..whatever it is you love..surround yourself with it..because I am seeing you can and will transform your life step by step..and when you look back on thsi 10 mos from now you will stand proud and say wow awsome..i did it..
many blessings to you and I hope this helps..nanci (sacred garden psychic)

R wrote back to say this of many things: Hello pet Thanks again for you e'mail.Now to tell you something about myself,firstly i am a psychic and have been for forty years or so but doing it profesionaly(sorry about spellings) for twenty.As you know we cannot read for ourselves and no other psychic could read for me untill you.You are trully blest with a gift and i am being tild that you have strugled with this gift in the past.You though my pet are still holding on to a problem that you should have let go of a long time ago i am getting 16 years ago.Your guides are helping you as much as you allow and they want to help more.I am told that you ora is good and honest as i believe you to be.One question i would like to ask ,what is going to happen in my love life? I know you will find the answer please let me know.Love of the spirit be with you and may your life find that what it seeks.Love Rblessings to you my dear.The girl your guides have told you about is Shirley my late sister who i never met for she past over before i was born,though i feel close to her at times.Now for you my love i am being guided to say that at this moment in time your heart wants one thing but your head wants another.and your spirit is not at this moment seeming to be helping.GO TO A PLACE YOU KNOW WHERE THERE ARE THREE TREES.Your answer lies there ask your guides to meet you there and follow there advice.May love and guidence fill your heart and may peace fill your soul.R.

Hi! I have a question about my son. Will he graduate from Air Force Basic Training? My birthday is 8-19-64 and his is 11-05-86. Please help! Julie

Hi Julie! Thank you for writing. I do feel your son needs those closest to him to let him know they believe he has all of the tools and focus to make this happen, if it is truley what he wants. I feel he is experiencing pressure, from some, to the point where he is nervous about being able graduate, hisself! Allow him the time and space to make this happen in his own way. Continue to offer him support and realize some people may be burdening him with thier strong expectations! Take the worry energy and transform it into excitement and continued support for him! He has what it takes to make anything happen in his life, so long as it is what he wants! Blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic

Dear sacred Garden Psychic
Is there any way you can tell me about the spirit or energy around me, right now?
Ann 8-19-1988

Hi Ann. Thank you, so much for writing. Without you here to validate who I am seeing I am not sure if you would like me to adress the small black animal and the older woman! So I am e-mailing you, first, to make sure I am tuned into someone whom has crossed over that has to do with your life, because there are other energies around that were there far before you that are not related to your family..I will await your response.

Dear Sacred Garden Psychic! Oh that is my gramma! She had 3 dogs and the black poodle was her favorite. She called him Peru lol. So can you look and ask her if she has anything to say? TY Ann 8-19-1988

Hi Ann. I am so happy to hear back from you, so quickly. what I can offer you is; letting anything come through that I hear, see, smell, feel ect. and to trust that spirit is showing me what is meant to come through :)
As I tune into gramma I am seeing her name was "grace" or at least started with a G (you can write to validate this or not)
I am, also seeing, her smiling and hanging out by the bottom of some stairs that leads to a kitchen. This seems unusual yet I am seeing an older home so this can be why there are stairs leading to a kitchen. There is a sense that her husband added on to a smaller home little by little and there are unusual closets and stairways in the house :)
The sense I get about gramma is that she, practically , grew up in this house and is showing me she loves the "yellow flowers around the well". I get a sense she is showing me you are "moving a little quickly" in life and is encouraging you to get your hands in dirt , the way she showed you when you were little, sweet! I sense she is feeling or thinking that this will help you to slow down and releive stress. As a child you loved getting your hands in the dirt and I am feeling she is saying something like " when you work with the earth this is when i am closest to you" . Now this comes from me with encouragement from gracie or gramma..( i feel the need to call her gracie) The new job offer may feel appealing..yet you do have a gut feeling it may not pan out the way you would trust that! You are busy slowing wont hurt a bit! It will help you create a much needed balance in your life..blessings Sacred Garden Psychic

Dear Sacred Garden Psychic
I have a question about my lovelife and job. Will I be able to work near or with my fiancee so we can marry soon? Elizabeth 11th march 1972 Kyle 6th Decembre 1970 Thank you!

Dear Elizabeth, thank you for writing and I am honred to look at this for you and offer my impressions! The first thing I sense is Kyle has already put into motion, a plan to move closer to you! This is coming through very clearly...has he mentioned this yet? It may come as a suprise. (be sure to write and let me know) I sense there is about and hour and a half distance between you and it will be 5-7 weeks before this change has manifested. I am sensing he has , also, another surprise for you or plan that will make you happy.
There is a sense of him caring for an elderly person, perhaps a grandfather, and it feels as if they may reside together. This is somethign that will change as Kyle seems to have a period coming up where a heavy obligation is lifted. I am feeling this is all part of the process that leads to marraige. Lots of new things unraveling for you two this year! Enjoy! Sacred Garden Psychic

Dear sacred garden reader
this is not something I usually do as it is hard for me to ask others for their insights. I have a friend (my birthdate is allie 3-27-72 and his cameron 1-19-76). I did a reading with nanci and she picked up on him right away and knew he was crossed over on the other side because she felt the warm healing energy around him and other things too. I realize that you are nanci too so wanted to write in and say you were so right about his brother and I becoming close freinds! WE can feel Cam around us when we are together and have learned to celebrate and remember the happy times (like you said)instead of us being depressed about the way he passed on. I am beginning to think danny and I are developing more than a freindship. Does he feel the same (7-23-72)THank you for any insight, Allie

Hi Allie! I am so honored you have come back to share your story! Thank you! Firstly, about askign others for their insights; Remember; you always have th epower to choose! At times. we may want to mirror or bounce our ideas off of another person we trust, whether fro validation of our own inner wisdom or jus tto hear ourselves proclaim something, outloud...this can be very empowering along with th efact that we ALWAYS, UNTIMATELY, CHOOSE OUR OWN PATH and nobody can take that power away from us unless we give it! Ok, enough of a lecture! :)
I believe in your inner voice and wisdom! I try and stray from answering "does he love me does she love me", because, this is a process that is empowerign for a person to walk through, themselves as far as trusting their inner voice and gut feelings! I want others to be aware of this an empower themselves to follow thier spirits lead!I will tell you that I am feeling and seeing you and dan are together as freinds at least a year down the road and every indication of th eenergy and circumstances I am feelign an dseeing is tellign me you two are "family forvever". I can say from these feelings an dinsights that you two are heading for a committed relationship and one fo the first thing I will suuggest is to explore ways of communicating with danny that allow you to know and feel the answers to thingslike "does he love me". Danny is a man who will have your best interest at heart, and will be loyal and loving in his relationship to you! I am so lookign forward to hearign from you again! blessings sgp

Dear Sacred Garden Psychic: My son died from cancer about 6 months ago and I have been in the state of denial since then but on Thanksgiving Eve I could not sleep and got up about midnight and sat at my computer just sobbing and saying to myself--"he is gone--really gone and he is NOT coming back---Dear God--why did You take him from me?" This went on for about 20 minutes. Well, somehow I hit the keyboard and up came something that I feel was an answer to my grief---it read:
I am not gone
I am changed
Have faith and please believe me
God did not take me away from you
He split the skies and received me
I am now an echo in your laughter
A reflection in your tears
An added strength tro help you overcome your fears
I am an addition of sunshine
And more joy for you to share
A fragrance of the life you live
Where you are---I am with you.
I have fought the good fight
I have finished my course
I have kept the Faith.

2 Timothy 4:7

Could this be an answer to my prayer? Could this be my dear son
trying to make me understand why he had to die? I have to know ---I know God answers
"knee mail" but I never knew Him to send "e-mail" but I believe He can.
I felt so good after I read this...............Thank you for your answer----


Dear E.R. First let me say; I am sorry for the loss you are experiencing. No One can imagine the greif a loss of a child brings (((E.R.)))On to answering your question, Yes! is your son! Continue to recognize these "co-incidences" and they will continue to bless you both in your connection to eachother and love for eachother, throughout the years!I have had near death experience when my son was a child when I had a fever of 104 for a couple of days..which allowed me to realize and expereince the ease of which..when our body (physical temporary body) falls away through trauma , or illness, our spirt..our essence..everything we are..just expands outwards into a beautiful presensce of light! We do not go far away up into some distant "heaven" (heaven was more a state of being from what I experinced)We expand and touch all around us with love! He is still with with you..a part of everything you touch and experience! You can still have and still, do, have a relationship with him that can grow, change, and blossom! The usual way we are used to "seeing" the ones we through our god given "eyes" ..which act as a lens ..they do limit what we are able to "see physically" on this earth..somewhat similar how prescription glasses work! Your son is still with you! Be open to new ways of hearing and seeing! Help to keep the relationship alive.He has shoown you his presence and this is an oppportunity to develope a new expanded relationship with him. I feel he wants you to know this. Please, send me his name and birthday and let me open to what spirit may bring through!(if you like)as I have seen those who have left their bodies since i was a child..and it is my very favorite thing to see and feel and offer another person; the reasurrancce that the loved one is ever present! Love and blessings to you, Sacred Garden Psychic Hello Lenora. May I ask if the number 12 is significant to your son, at all? I kept
seeing the number 1 and 2 while I was writing to this a birthday? let me know!
blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic

Hi. I wanted to write to you again and ask if the number 12 is significant to your son in
any way? As I was writing to you , I continued seeing him show me the number 12 to show
you. Please, let me know as I like to understand why i am seeing something so I can move on to the next glimpse of what he may be showing me. Was his birthday , by chance,
on 12th? ty! blessings, Sacred garden Psychic

Dear Nanci
Thank you so VERY much for answering my e-mail---it was VERY important to me to know why
this happened to me. I was grieving so badly and just could not move forward. You have
helped me SO very much---it WAS a message from him---how wonderful! His name is William
Einie Thomas we called him "Bill" and was born May 3, 1959--he was 45 years and 13 day
old when he died.
I was having a horrible time accepting his death but for some reason now the "pain"
is better and for some reason I see things in a different light. I still miss him
terribly but that horrible pain in my heart --- it is better since he spoke to me. Thank
you so VERY much. I am 70 years old and he was my only child---his Dad died about 15
years ago and just before Bill died he looked towards the ceiling and gave a "wave" ---
like he saw his Dad or someone and the biggest smile that I have EVER seen came across
his face. I always felt that he saw his Dad waiting for him. Thank you so much---God
Bless you always, E. L.Dear Sacred garden Psychic
My birthday is Febuary 12th and he never forget my birthday.

Dear Leonora
There was not only his father welcoming him, yet 3 others behind the father.. two females
and a male..elders..I am also seeing a younger man off in the distance; perhaps someone
not close to him (like his father) yet a younger man who is part of the family, perhaps another generation,
whom perished in a war of some kind. Your son is surounded with love and will be
working in your life every minute of every day to comfort and love you! Stay open to
feeling him. When you do feel him; remember to, in the beauty of that silent knowing..let his love
embrace you! Write to me and let me know how things are. Also, I keep seeing the color orange
around him..I am not sure why..was his carpet orange? love, sacred garden psychic

Hi Nanci--- I can understand who the two females are and the male waiting behind
Bill's Dad----they adored Bill---all family members---the young man in the
background---yes, Viet Nam took his Uncle --- my brother---I was devastated when he
died---the moment that he was killed I woke from a very sound sleep about 5:30 am crying
and about 6am I got the news that he was killed---I "saw him get killed in my dream" He
was hit with a gernade in my dream and that is exactly how he died.
About a year later I was still hurting from the loss of him and one night I dreamed that
I saw him laying on some beautiful green grass and he looked up at me and said,
everything is OK, I am at peace. From that moment on I was fine. So I believe that it
was my brother, Bill's Uncle, that was in the background.
Orange---oh my goodness! When he was living at home---we re-did his room and he
picked out orange carpeting! I hated it but he thought it was, "cool" so I said--ok--it
is your room. He just laughed. His laughed melted my heart. Thank you---Lenora

Well, how wonderful! I am
so honored and so touched that Bill comes to me as I am writing to you! He is a warm,
lovely, beautiful spirit, so very kind and my life has been touched by the love you two share. Bill, certainly, knows how to show me key elements..such as the 12 and the orange
let you know he is here with us!
Isn't it wonderful? How awsome, it would be, if
everyone realized their loved ones are still right next to them, active in their lives!
I am reminded why I have chosen this as my life work & joy, Blessings, Nanci (aka: Sacred Garden Psychic)

Dear Sacred Garden Psychic: My name Is Debra 11-16-64.

I have worked hard to start a company as far as planning, getting materials ready and making a spot for me to create my jewelry. I have included a name of a woman I am thinking of partnering with. Can you give me any info regarding how weill we will work together? Will the business meet my expectations? Thank you for answering, D

Hello Debra and thank you for writing! I am honored to look at the energies around you and offer any insight that comes through! The first thing or image that comes through is, besides, the woman you were asking about, there is another woman (about 23-25) coming through with blonde hair and I am hearing the words "rec center" around her. I am , really, feeling strongly that this person is someone you will work well with, without clashes or power struglles. Do you have a "Rec center" near you that you frequent? I feel you would do marvelously in this business..on your own, until you meet this other woman! The woman you asked about, I am feeling, will somewhat have a self defeating energy that will affect your business and life in many ways! This is something you are outgrowing and may , subconciously, be attracting back into your life! Rise above that pattern and manifest your vision as clearly as posssilbe! Look for the light haired woman..Blessings SGP

Dear Sacred Garden Reader: My name is Allen. Iv'e included my birthdate; please keep it confidential. I'm writing about a girl named Haley at the place I am employed by. You see, she works in the same office. I am an emotional guy and work myself up replaying all of the scenerios in my head about what would happen if i asked her out. She is single and I often think about reasons why a girl so pretty and nice doesn't date or doesn't have a bf. Can you see anything around this situation that I can use to understand my fear whenever I am around her? Thanks a mill, Allen

Hello Allen. Thank you for writing! As I focus on the light and movement of energy around you I am convinced that this feeling you interpret as "fear" is more of a sense of excitement or adrenaline that is occuring because of being around someone you admore so deeply! One of the pictures I am seeing involves Haley beings shy, herself, and just as nervous around you as you are with her. I get a sense she is caring for an older man in her life who comes through as being a father or grandfather. This appears to be quite a huge obligation in her life and at times she may feel "older than her years" and as if she will "never have time for herself". I sense she is self-lessly giving to this person out of love, yet, it does take a toll on her personal life.

Now about you asking her out: I feel it would a welcome invite and it is a wonderful place to start..especially if it is a coffee shop near or around work. Blessings Sacred Garden Psychic

see past readings

Dear Sacred Garden,
I wanted to thank you. I just read the reading you have on your website
about a gentlemen & his heart attraction. I am not psychic & his story
made me melt. I can relate to his adrenalin & joy. Your clarification
is profoundly magical. You have made my day. I hope to one day soon find
someone that is selfless like Hayley. I hope to always incorporate that
same trait through out my life, as it makes me the person I am today.Thank You Tania

Thank you Tania! Your words mean so much, blessings! Nanci (aka Sacred Garden Psychic)

Hi My name is Tania.

I want to know if I will become a successful travel consultant before the end of 2004. I am studying my cerificates. I want to eventually own my own travel agencies across Australia, being the biggest & best in the industry. I have so many plans that I need to fulfill, I know or feel this is the right track for me. I found a niche in the travel industry & I can see the bigger picture & feel so passionate about my determination.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Kind Regards Tania

Hello Tania!

It feels to me as if you have found your passion! I always emphasize to people to follow their "passion" and "vision" and you can manifest anything you want! I feel you already know this is it! Continue to take steps towards your goals and you can and will make it happen! Just now the word "florence" came through..does that word have direct meaning for you? Blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic

Hello & Merry Meet,

My name is Rene~, and I happened along your site, and I was wondering if you can possibly help to know a question that has been bothering me for awhile now. I wanted to know, if my near future will be fiancially secure, and about a current relationship I am involved in,
even though it,s a virtual relationship at the present, I would like to know if it will develope further, down the line. Any information I can get would be deeply appreciated.. I hope to hear from you.. I will enclose the information you may need.. Again my deepest Thanks.. Until We meet again..

Much Peace, & Light..
Blessed Be..

Celtic Cross - Romance

The Celtic Cross is traditionally the most popular Tarot spread. It is especially good for readings about romance because it addresses the areas of our lives that influence how we respond to love in our lives. It is important to see romance as a part of the flow, not something separate from the rest of our activities.

1. How you feel and what you are aware of


You re-assess life. In this lonely search you discover two faces of the world: what manifests in the material world and what remains unmanifested within your psyche. You are self-directed. Relationships changing as a result.

You could see yourself as a too-wise leader of others and begin to forget that you are human. Or you could remember that you are still in constant need of the guidance you must beseech from a larger Self.

2. What is happening right now


Passion that burns inside you, making romance come alive. There is nothing private about your feelings, so you may as well shout them from the rooftops.

3. Destiny


Change is coming. There is no way to avoid the rapids ahead, so accelerate your reactions to match the current. Define where you are going, how to get there, and accept a fast, albeit turbulent journey.

4. What you want


Your creative energy flows through every moment of every day. The more you give to others the more you have for yourself. Follow the inner child and you work with your own creative spirit.

Your inner being delights you in its creative power. Where you once feared your darker tendencies, you now use that energy to power your daily life. The result is happiness and health and harmony.

5. What has created the present situation


The focus is on logical, rational thought. The Emperor got to his position of power by using all of his gifts and you can do the same. Keep an open mind.

You learned a long time that as you believe, so will it be. Devote your abundant energy to this principle and reap the harvest.

6. How to proceed


Seek a harmonious outcome to conflict, whether social or personal, even though what is just may not appear to be fair.

Dreams hide behind veil upon veil of pictures and deceive us into believing nothing rules them. But consider how strict are the laws of reflection, no matter how varied the face of a mirror. Then consider such is the veil of truth.

7. Your role in the relationship right now


You project yourself and your ideas into your environment. Stick to the facts. Each action has results which will guide the next step.

8. Current factors affecting your relationship


Material ambition accompanies an urge to attain spiritual enlightenment. Accept your human nature as a valuable asset in the development of higher mind. The act of criticizing others does not make us better; in fact, it shows weakness. Look for the value of higher law in your daily life.

You say it's high conscience in service of others. They say "Enough with the guilt trips." They may not appreciate your efforts, but you can certainly learn from their hostility.

9. What will help the situation


You have the ability to make your relationship sing right now. Use all your energies to make your love shine. Be bold. You have learned how to express yourself and now have the opportunity to take your best shot.

10. What will the relationship produce


You are poised for new situations to enter your life. Use your unlimited imagination to encourage new developments as possibilities arise. Be bold!

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Dear Sacred Garden Psychic.
Do you offer tarot readings? Can you pull cards while asking your spirit guides what they have to say about my recent decison to change my life? Thanks N. Jean

Whether you feel troubled and need to contact a source of higher wisdom or are doing fine and need a sign thatyou are going in the right direction, this reading is good for either situation.

1. Basis of Your Concern
This card looks deeply into your situation to find an area of concern at this time.

You strive for harmony between your inner emotional state and your outer social environment. Choose your companions to complement your psychic relationship to yourself and the world.

It is time to make your move. You feel the urge to take a fresh creative approach to everything in your life. Find the proper environment for your efforts.

2. Motivation
This card looks at your conscious and less conscious desires.

Just below the level of your consciousness you feel the opulence of space into which you can pour your desires and make them into reality. Sit a few minutes each day with paper and pencil and record your thoughts in order to accelerate their manifestation.

3. Underlying Problem
This card considers something from the past that affects your ability to make further progress.

You have made the best possible effort and you learned from the experience. Your strength of purpose is an asset which transcends appearances.

4. Spiritual Signpost
This card provides understanding in an area that has been unclear before now.

You set your sights high and you achieve a dream that would have seemed impossible a few months earlier. You have become conscious of your true spiritual identity and at the same time you have found the ability to relate to the material world. You find yourself in a realm where your guides can offer direct assistance. You hold in your hand the polished result of a long, difficult process of purification. Your psychic equilibrium is centered and is based on the principle of love.

5. Action
This card looks at the kind of action you must take to move forward.

Gather up your courage because things will not turn out as you had planned. Dramatic changes offer the opportunity for realization, as intellect and intuition are both severely challenged. You can handle what comes.

6. How to Proceed
This card shows the best action to take at this time. The degree of consistency between this and the previous card can tell you the level of difficulty to expect.

You will seek time alone to think, to meditate, as you become aware of the inner voice of spirit. Re-evaluate your goals in the light of this inquiry.

7. Spiritual Guidance
This card offers suggestions about what mind set or what internal process to focus on.

Listen! The voices within you are old. that they do not rattle through the air and beat on your ears does not mean they are frail, any more than the light of candles is weak ... when it shines to reveal your way.

8. Attainment
This card shows an area of future success and looks at the potential outcome of the current situation.

All good things come to him (her) who waits, so let the fabric unfold by itself lest you tear it. Endure the suspense, remembering the Japanese adage, "Most beautiful just before."

I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the next couple of months! Blessings, The Sacred Garden Psychic

Can you see if I am on the way to a rewarding career or if I get that job?
Maria 2nd October 1961

Hi Maria! Thank you for writing. As I take a look and let myself feel the energy around you
a few things "come to light". One is; There is a male energy around you that you will find has a influence on the path you take, regarding your future career! There is a wonderful balance because of a decision you make regarding a career opportunity in , about, 2 1/2 mos!
I believe you will have more than one opportunity to create/manifest a career. I really feel, somehow, you will be working "autonomously" that is: be your own boss, have lots of freedom and be able to incorporate your unique and attractive sense of creativity into your work. Hold out for this opportuntiy as it will be well worth the wait. I sense you "drawing others near" in your work. You will be inspiring and there is no limit to what you will acheive, once you make the decision to do it! I am also seeing a new living space that also feels like an "office space" yet, I am feeling it is 2-21/2 years down the road. This last 6 mos (and thruout the next 6 mos) has/will been an opportunity to reflect upon your life and you may have felt the urge to retreat into yourself and work on releasing things you have outgrown in preparation for the new! There may be an opportunity to resolve old or new issues with a Virgo person in your life, or, in the month of Virgo you may find yourself manifesting new relationships or projects. You may not realize what an inspiriation and motivation you already are to others around you! After your birthday, next October, expect the unexpected as far as abundance of opportunity flowing in, in all area of your life! Finially, the doors are wide open and anything is possible! Blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic

I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the next couple of months! Blessings, The Sacred Garden Psychic


Dear Sacred Garden Psychic, I was hoping for a reading that was spirtually based and included tarot cards. I am in a decision making process and am not looking for a definate yes/no, rather, I know from past readings your connection with spirit is real so I would trust the way the cards were drawn and what they had to say. Thanks if you can. My first name is kathleen and people call me katy :)

SSometimes we are feeling off balance or confused and seek to contact a source of higher wisdom. At other times we are functionaing well on our path and want to validate that we are going in a positive direction. This reading is good for either instance.

1. Root Your Concern
This card looks into your situation to find an area of concern at this time.

You have the inner ablity for understanding that is based on the nature of things,and the ability to shift the awareness from within yourself to the outer world. Allow the intuitions that arise from this awareness to lead you in manifesting your vision!

Reflect back to a time when you were clear about what you had passion for..a time when you feel your desires were being fulfilled! By making this connection you focus your actions clearly and you become more aware of ideas that have been developing for some time.

2. Motivation
This card looks at your desires(conscious and less conscious).

In that quiet place between the subconcious and consciousness you feel the presence of space into which you can pour your desires and manifest them into reality! Sit a few minutes each day with paper and pencil and record your thoughts in order to assist with activating their manifestation.

3. Underlying Problem
This card considers something from the past that can affect your ability to make further progress.

You have moved through a cycle of intense upheaval that has challenged your fundamental beliefs and put you in touch with the natural order of things. Put your faith in your inner strength.

4. Spiritual Signpost
This card provides understanding in an area that may have been unclear before now.

You feel a sense of order happening when it comes to your visions and the methods you use to attain them! . Universal law concerns the balance which transcends logic or rationality. Follow your feelings and intuitions. An inner sense of order dominates events by reflecting on their source.

5. Action
This card looks at the kind of action you must take to move forward.

Apply yourself to work and to play. Persistence is required for results. Use your will power to drive through to completion. You are, already, succeeding!.

6. How to Proceed
This card shows the best action to take at this time. The degree of consistency between this and the previous card can tell you the level of difficulty to expect.

Though you have struggled, you have made the right decision. By overcoming adversity you gain independence.

7. Spiritual Guidance
This card offers suggestions about what mind set or what internal process to focus on.

Your guides are, clearly, a part of your concious every day life, now. You can see , hear and feel them while asleep and awake! You have worked hard to set your self free from egoic desires and this has resulted in an increased spiritual awareness! Powerful Reading! Blessings, Cafe Psychic

illustrations from the Sacred Rose Tarot Deck


Greetings to All,
It's my first time here and I'm 02-26-1971. I have a wierd dream always that me and my husband will be separate. (T. 09-10-1961.)

But for now were deeply in love and were have a good relationship. That dream is bugging me alot and the main concern is his ex wife always there. And if ever i will get the NCLEX RN board. Do you think i'll pass, and give me hint when is the right day. Thank you and I wish you more power and God bless you. Jean

Hi Jean. As I read over your letter it looks and feels clear to me that you have everything it takes to thrust yourself into manifesting your dreams and goals! I am also sensing that , at the same time, you are allowing fears of losing what is already dear to you, paralyze you from taking a step out of the "comfort zone".

When you decide to apply yourself to your goals, wholeheartedly, and trust your husband will be there, by your side, he will beam, even more, with pride and respect for you! Staying in the place where you worry about losing controll over the situation takes so much energy! I am feeling I want to encourage you to take that energy and continue to invest it in pursuing your goals knowing your relationship with your husband, and your self will, only, improve!

I feel your dream is a reflection of the threat or fear you are focussing on when you imagine your husband will leave you, emotionally, for his ex-wife. There is a connection between them, yet, it only lives through memories and I am sensing there is nothing they will feel a need to pursue in the future.

I am also seeing the number 9 and 4 concerning the nursing question you have and feel I am being asked to mention the date April 9th, in accordance to that question.

Release any fears regarding "losing" your husband , Jean, and I believe the feeling of helplesness will be replaced with a feeling of empowering your self to follow through with your vision regarding your career and relationship. Pursuing and focussing on your goals will facilitate you beaming with esteem and purpose and pull your husband even closer!

The drive and ambition within you are two of the things he was attracted to in the first place! I feel you will pass the board and it would help to use word association, in going over the material, a few hours before hand! Blessed be, Sacred Garden Psychic


I, 9/11/59, J. am in a relationship wirh E. 11/24/49. one of his friends is trying to split us up. She is telling me lies about him. I don't know what she is saying about me to Eddie. Do you see us being able to overcome this? I have never dealt with this stuff before, it is so immature, like highschool stuff. I really like this guy..........thanks :-)

Elemental Cross

This reading is good for establishing where you are in the timing of a situation. Runes one through three represent the past, present and future. Position four offers some advice about how to proceed, and position five speaks to certain limitations in the situation.

1. Past
Position one addresses the past, relative to your question. It shows what has led to to your present state of mind.

Os / God. The rune OS, also called ANSUR, represents the power and authority of a god. In your reading it is an indication that you are led by the sort of help that you would expect from parents and other authority figures. Allow the voice of authority to speak in your life where this rune is found; you will benefit from the opportunity of apprenticeship.

2. Present
This rune is for the present. In addition, rune 2 can represent your present STATE OF MIND,

Feoh / cattle. The rune titled "Cattle" deals with financial well-being. In the ancient world, and indeed in parts of the world today, cattle are used as a measure of material wealth. In your reading the rune carries these additional meanings as well: Self-worth includes more than mere money. How you value your own being is significant in this reading. In addition, your relationships benefit at this time from forthright communication.

3. Future
Rune three looks into the future. It says something about the RESULT.

Peorth / secret rune. When this rune appears, you know there is a hidden secret involved with your question. You may not know everything at this time, but you WILL find out at the right time. A generally positive rune, it indicates a recovery of health where there was illness, an advancement where there was delay, any unexpected benefit which results from appropriate action in the past.

4. Assistance
Rune four tells you what kind of help you can expect in regard to your question. It can relate to other people, circumstance, or to your own efforts.

Tir / tir the war God. TIR is energy and activity of all kinds. In relationships it often signifies the beginning of a new love or partnership. Such involvements are high energy, even exhausting, and can be overwhelming on the emotional level. The rune also indicates the warrior mentality - steadfastness and motivation and courage combining to produce results.

5. What you cannot change
Rune five tells you what cannot be changed about the situation. You can evaluate what this rune says in order to formulate a method for acceptance, but do not seek to change this rune's meaning.

Man / man. MAN is the rune for mankind, and reminds you that your associations with others are important at this time. Seek help with important decisions from people whose opinions you respect in the area of your question. This is not a co-dependent sort of leaning on others; rather it indicates the healthy cooperative relationships we all value. Look also to your own areas of expertise. blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic


Dear Sacred Garden Psychic, My first name is Dana and my birthday is 3-13-82. My question is about my former fiance. His first name is R., but goes by the name J. and his birthday is 6-8-81. We were engaged for 15 months and have been through a lot of hard times. Two months into our relationship he cheated on me and got this person pregnant. He never told me this and his baby A. was born on 8-5-02 on our 11th month anniversary. In December of 2002 he told me this and left me for this woman. He acted as if he hated me. In January of 2003 his best friend told me he still loved me and to go to his house. He informed me that J. just pretended to hate me because his parents both hate me now. I went to his house and we decided to have an affair without his girlfriend knowing. He said he did it to me so he'd do it to her and that he truly loved me. I have only agreed because I truly love him with all my heart. I told him recently he had to choose. He said he'd think about it and would give me a last chance to prove my love for him while he thinks. I'm mentally ill so he feels I messed up. Today he informed me that if he did get back with me he'd also stay with this woman and not tell her. I don't want that and told him no way. He says he doesn't love me, but when I say then bye he says he does love me. I told him he had to choose. He thinks I mean leave this woman and his child. That's not what I mean. What I mean is leave her in a romantic way, but help her stay in her life and stay with his child. I know this child is more important than me and I understand and accept that, but I don't want to go through all this if we don't have a future together. I'd do anything for him. I know I should follow my heart, but I honestly don't know what my heart is saying to me. I desperately need your guidance. Do we have a future together or am I just going through all of this for nothing? I just can't live like this anymore if there is no chance of us working things out. He says love is a powerful thing and maybe someday, either now or later, we may work things out. Am I wasting my time? Please help I don't know where else to turn.

Hello Dana! I want to touch on a couple of things regarding a cycle you are going through and then address the questions you sent to us.

As I conduct this reading it is clear to me that you are entering a cycle which is intense, empowering and enlightening, in your life! This is the first year in a 9 year cycle of creative growth and expansion and an excellent time to begin to make decisions based on the deep wisdom within your own heart! I understand why you have been driven to ask these very important questions; you have already made the choice to step on to the path of empowering yourself in a new way! I am being shown that you will, throughout this next year, especially, find you are able to create more of a balance when it comes to over giving emotionally so much that it leaves you feeling empty or drained. This choice may have been subconscious, yet, it is clear the choice has been made and this validation may be one way to assist you in looking inwardly. You said "I don't know where to turn" I want tosuggest that you listen to your intuition! I sense your intuitive nature and your gifts you have been blessed with and you are on the road to incorporating those gifts into your life in an empowering way! This is a wonderful time for you...I am, also, being shown, that J is at a point in his life where he will distance himself emotionally from everyone; including you! Remember; this has nothing to do with you, whatsoever as J. is in a cycle in his life where he is going to be reassessing all of the relationships in his life and his life direction. I feel this will lead to a major move in his life and he will be deciding to move some distance away because of an upcoming opportunity (or choice he makes).

I understand and FEEL your emotions, as I am a Pisces also, and understand how we work :). I would like to focus, more, on you, as I am extremely excited to see that you will be in a new situation within 4 months where you will be learning to tap into your own visions and goals outside of J, and you may realize it was easier to hold onto the hope of him 'changing" rather than taking the awesome empowering steps to make your life fuller. I am seeing a class or weekly gathering, of some kind, that has the purpose of empowering people. I am also seeing you will meet another male that will just sweep you off your feet, so to say. He is artistic, as you are and I am seeing he, also, has a name with a J and , possibly, and E in it.

Since you asked my advise, I feel free to say I am really feeling it will benefit you in the long run, because of all of the wonderful doors opening for you this year, to take the next 4-5 months getting involved in a creative learning environment. I feel you will be led in a certain direction if you follow your intuition and you will meet his new sensitive young man whom is 2 months to 2 years older than you! You deserve friendships that are, mutually, honest and rewarding; Love does not demand giving everything until it hurts!I I see you and this new young man having a long term relationship. If you decide to just have J. (the present guy) when you can, you may find yourself waiting for long drawn out periods and feel a sense of loneliness and frustration. On the other hand, this is a most exciting cycle for you that only comes once every 12 years and I would love to see you take full advantage of the opportunity to become that strong and empowered woman you so dream about! Blessings!


  Hi. I am writing to you because I am not sure what to do to think at this time. I am overwhelmed with my situation and everything that is happening around me. Please keep this confidential and use another name "Amy" (thank you!)

No matter what choice you make, you will receive support from some and negative reactions from others.   This experience is escorting you into a new dimension of womanhood. I know those are only words, Amy, yet this can be a great time to pull back into yourself and experience the joys of this merical. At some point in some of our lives, after we experience others' reactions and realize after so many experiences and acting on so many reactions from others, it ends up, often times being fruitless as compared to us following our own hearts! When we follow our own passion and draw on that power life takes on another new and fufilling dimention!
It can mean feeling lonely, at times, either way yet the rewards are worth it!
When we become parents our lives are not just our own any longer.
When you connect with the life force inside of you..what is she/he saying? There is a spirit there..a life..a presense..a concious..and if you quiet your will reach a point of just being able to connect and know what is right, for you both.
The words, feelings and or visions you receive will ring true and then you hold onto them and that is your strength, rather than what others think because of their own limitations, experiences or fears.
You are maturing into a new level now...with new, more intense joys and let intense ups and downs..that is life!  as we progress by walking though our fears, rather than letting them paralyze us, the whole cycle of learning and exchanging our views with the world and others are met with new challenges..and we are offered the opportunity to learn on higher levels. I sense the man you asked about is experiencing this through the eyes of fear based on his past experiences. it will take 6-7 weeks for him to wake up to the reality of the situation and engage in connecting with you and offering support. In the meantime, continue to quiet your mind and stay focussed on taking actions based on what you think/feel. Blessings, Sacred Garden Psychic

Dear Sacred Garden Psychic.
Do you offer tarot readings? Can you pull cards while asking your spirit guides what they have to say about my recent decison to change my life? Thanks N. Jean

Whether you feel troubled and need to contact a source of higher wisdom or are doing fine and need a sign thatyou are going in the right direction, this reading is good for either situation.

1. Basis of Your Concern
This card looks deeply into your situation to find an area of concern at this time.

You strive for harmony between your inner emotional state and your outer social environment. Choose your companions to complement your psychic relationship to yourself and the world.

It is time to make your move. You feel the urge to take a fresh creative approach to everything in your life. Find the proper environment for your efforts.

2. Motivation
This card looks at your conscious and less conscious desires.

Just below the level of your consciousness you feel the opulence of space into which you can pour your desires and make them into reality. Sit a few minutes each day with paper and pencil and record your thoughts in order to accelerate their manifestation.

3. Underlying Problem
This card considers something from the past that affects your ability to make further progress.

You have made the best possible effort and you learned from the experience. Your strength of purpose is an asset which transcends appearances.

4. Spiritual Signpost
This card provides understanding in an area that has been unclear before now.

You set your sights high and you achieve a dream that would have seemed impossible a few months earlier. You have become conscious of your true spiritual identity and at the same time you have found the ability to relate to the material world. You find yourself in a realm where your guides can offer direct assistance. You hold in your hand the polished result of a long, difficult process of purification. Your psychic equilibrium is centered and is based on the principle of love.

5. Action
This card looks at the kind of action you must take to move forward.

Gather up your courage because things will not turn out as you had planned. Dramatic changes offer the opportunity for realization, as intellect and intuition are both severely challenged. You can handle what comes.

6. How to Proceed
This card shows the best action to take at this time. The degree of consistency between this and the previous card can tell you the level of difficulty to expect.

You will seek time alone to think, to meditate, as you become aware of the inner voice of spirit. Re-evaluate your goals in the light of this inquiry.

7. Spiritual Guidance
This card offers suggestions about what mind set or what internal process to focus on.

Listen! The voices within you are old. that they do not rattle through the air and beat on your ears does not mean they are frail, any more than the light of candles is weak ... when it shines to reveal your way.

8. Attainment
This card shows an area of future success and looks at the potential outcome of the current situation.

All good things come to him (her) who waits, so let the fabric unfold by itself lest you tear it. Endure the suspense, remembering the Japanese adage, "Most beautiful just before."

I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the next couple of months!




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